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Harris Kyriakides
Coexistence agreements can be an easier and cheaper solution to disputes over trademark similarity between parties rather than litigation under appropriate circumstances.
Kinanis LLC
The Cyprus IP Box Regime applies on Qualifying IP's which are developed after the 1st of July 2016.
Michael Kyprianou Advocates & Legal Consultants
The UK officially left the EU on 31 January 2020. With the Withdrawal Agreement ratified by both the UK Parliament and the European Parliament, the UK will enter into an eleven-month transition period ...
European Union
Elias Neocleous & Co LLC
The Supreme Court, in its first instance jurisdiction, is the competent authority under the Cyprus Patent Law (hereinafter PL), to issue these orders.
Dennemeyer Group
In contrast to last year's promises, yet unsurprisingly, it has been revealed that the UK Government will not participate in the Unified Patent Court (UPC).
ELVINGER HOSS PRUSSEN, société anonyme
Re-filing identical marks a few years after the first filing with a wider list of goods and services to avoid having to prove the use of the brand at the end of the five-year grace period.
ELVINGER HOSS PRUSSEN, société anonyme
Those Member States have in particular denounced the lack of legal clarity of the New Copyright Directive.
ELVINGER HOSS PRUSSEN, société anonyme
On 1 March 2019, the amended Benelux-Convention on Intellectual Property ("BCIP") entered into force to be in line with the European Trade Marks Directive (Directive 2015/2436).
ELVINGER HOSS PRUSSEN, société anonyme
As already indicated here in July 2019, the Directive on copyright and related rights in the Digital Single Market (the "New Copyright Directive") was finally adopted on 17 April 2019 after months
Dennemeyer Group
For the sake of this run-through, we will assume that the design or device you plan to patent is unique enough to merit a claim of IP rights.
Dennemeyer Group
Intellectual Property docketing, which is the management of essential dates, data and documentation from IP offices, as well as the tracking of crucial deadlines during the application process, is often viewed as an afterthought.
Dennemeyer Group
During the first industrial revolution, we mined a lot of coal, built engines and set the world on its current trajectory of C02 production and global climate change.
United Arab Emirates
BSA Ahmad Bin Hezeem & Associates LLP
We are frequently asked the question: are we allowed to publish, post, republish any information, content, picture, video or data on COVID-19 when using our private social media accounts?
Gowling WLG
Amid the spread of COVID-19 and the call for social distancing, the UAE Intellectual Property Office, the courts and other government bodies involved in the registration and enforcement of IP rights ...
STA Law Firm
Guidance to readers: This is the first part of a two-part series on various aspects of patent law in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) including statutory interpretation, dispute resolution mechanism
United Trademark & Patent Services
Registration of the opposed trademark will be violating the UAE trademark law and Articles of Paris Convention.
STA Law Firm
Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) have never been more economically and politically important than they are today.
Dennemeyer Group
A new decade is upon us, and its first two months have veered between ordinary and chaotic. Somewhere in the middle of that spectrum lie a handful of developments relevant to the field of Intellectual Property.
STA Law Firm
"Science soars like an eagle however law drags on like a turtle" implied by Carl Cristo in 1964. This quote is the current situation to protection laws of intellectual property.
Dennemeyer Group
Artificial intelligence existed mostly as a theory for the first few decades after the term's coining at a 1956 Dartmouth University conference.
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