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Wills/ Intestacy/ Estate Planning
CWalsh Law Offices
If you are not tax-resident in Israel, life-time transfers of residential property between family members are taxable transactions, even if the transfer is in the form of a gift for no consideration.
CWalsh Law Offices
Your Will needs to be clear and comprehensive, for obvious reasons. To assist you in assembling the information you require, we have complied the following list.
CWalsh Law Offices
If you own a property, have funds in a bank account or own other assets in Israel, we strongly suggest that you consider drafting a separate Israeli will.
CWalsh Law Offices
The Israeli courts have jurisdiction over an estate either if the deceased was resident in Israel or if the estate includes Israeli assets.
CWalsh Law Offices
An enduring power of attorney - sometimes called a lasting power of attorney - allows you to appoint someone to manage your financial affairs and to make decisions about your physical well-being and personal issues when you are no longer competent to do so.
Anjarwalla & Khanna
The High Court of Kenya recently ruled that certain sections of the Children Act and the Law of Succession Act are not in line with the spirit of the Constitution of Kenya and declared them to be void ...
Fred-Young & Evans
Most people associate the making of a Will with the anticipation of death.
S.P.A. Ajibade & Co.
In Lagos State, as in other States in Nigeria, the Probate Registry, under the supervision of the High Court, has the exclusive jurisdiction to issue grants of probate...
South Africa
Tonkin Clacey Pretoria
Where a deceased dies testate or intestate and certain of the testate or intestate heirs elect to renounce their right to the inheritance,
Dykes Van Heerden Inc
Unfortunately, we often encounter divorce orders where the immovable property is dealt with in very little or no detail.
United Arab Emirates
STA Law Firm
The United Arab Emirates Law of inheritance is very broad. It is suitable for not only Muslims but can be applied to inheritance cases involving people of any religion and nationality.
Schluuter Graf & Partners
his Legal Briefing provides an overview of the changes introduced by the New Rules.
The Legal Group
There are different ways in which wills can be drafted in the UAE.
STA Law Firm
The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Courts recently made an announcement towards the amendments to the rules
Hamdan AlShamsi Lawyers & Legal Consultants
Very significant changes have been made to the DIFC Wills and Probate Registry Rules.
STA Law Firm
Wills is one of the ways in the process of planning for succession in the United Arab Emirates.
James Berry and Associates Legal Consultants
Summer in the UAE is traditionally a quiet part of the year when many families head home to spend the time in cooler climes.
Hassan Elhais
Question: If someone has chosen a beneficiary for their life insurance policy, does the insurance payout become part of the inheritance after the death of that person or is it only given
ChimwaMurombe Legal Practice
A Deed of Transfer is a legal document that shows proof of ownership to an immovable property.
ChimwaMurombe Legal Practice
A boy was left at a very tender age, his parents were involved in a car accident and they died on the spot. Boom! Boom! That was the end of his luxurious life and a journey into uncertainty.
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