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Sefton Fross
Companies looking to raise finance from diversified sources for either working capital may do so by issuing equity or debt securities. Debt securities are financial instruments representing a debt...
Resolution Law Firm
The expatriate quota application in Nigeria immediately comes after the registration of company in Nigeria by any foreigners seeking to migrate to Nigeria to carry out any permanent work.
LeLaw Barristers & Solicitors
Franchising is not a business in itself but rather a mode of doing business. It is business style where a business owner (franchisor) grants another person (franchisee) the authority to use its...
LeLaw Barristers & Solicitors
Debts are a fact of life and reality of business. Many going concerns must deal with debt from time to time, and there is often the need to manage debt portfolio especially by lenders (banks/financial institutions).
LeLaw Barristers & Solicitors
It is trite that parties are free to contract as they please; and the law recognises and enforces the rights of parties as stated in a contract.
LeLaw Barristers & Solicitors
Franchising is a business model that businesses use to expand their brand and operational footprint.
LeLaw Barristers & Solicitors
The Creative Industry (CI) consists of various endeavours flowing from individual's creativity, skill and talent, with a huge potential for wealth and job creation.
LeLaw Barristers & Solicitors
Whilst the entertainment industry comprises of individuals using their creative skills, abilities and contents for wealth and job creation; its management is running the affairs and careers of such individuals ...
Fred-Young & Evans
Under Common Law, a Company Secretary was regarded as a mere clerk with no ostensible authority to bind the company.
PwC Nigeria
It appears remote working will be around for a long time; this also comes with its peculiar challenges.
LeLaw Barristers & Solicitors
The old African saying "when two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers" can sometimes be a metaphor for the plight of employees in a merger and acquisition (M&A) process.
LeLaw Barristers & Solicitors
The question is - what made the auto policy work in the '70s and how can the foundational challenges be addressed to woo investors?
Sefton Fross
With businesses around the world severely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, many may require some form of restructuring in the near future. Even
Sefton Fross
In Volume 1 of this Series, we discussed the concept of corporate reorganisations, a redesigning process that changes the ownership structure of a company to increase its long-term profitability.
Sefton Fross
On 28 March 2020, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) exposed its draft Rules on Crowdfunding (Rules).
Infusion Lawyers
Most often than not, life does not give us the chance to determine how certain things would end up, if or when those things eventually happen down the road.
S.P.A. Ajibade & Co.
With the sustained interest in crowdfunding as an alternative means of raising capital, the Securities and Exchange Commission's ("SEC" or "the Commission")
LeLaw Barristers & Solicitors
Companies are formed for many reasons, with the intent that they flourish, be profitable and by staying as a going concern, able to generate returns on investment for the shareholders, continue to be an employer of labour.
Perchstone & Graeys
The global obsession with footballers has created one of the great money spinners of the entertainment industry. In return for captivating audiences with their skills on the pitch,...
A few weeks ago, the Corporate Affairs Commission issued guidelines to public companies on how to hold their Annual General Meetings in light of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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