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Libel & Defamation
Gilchrist Connell
Google was ordered to pay damages for defamation, finding that the search engine was a publisher of the search results.
Sydney Criminal Lawyers
Google becomes a publisher of the defamatory results that its search engine returns to a user who enters a search query.
Marque Lawyers
The law can't cope with the inevitable increase in defamation litigation resulting from more, nasty online reviews.
Marque Lawyers
A defamation case that resulted in a very small payout proves again that defamation law is in serious need of reform.
Pointon Partners
Cautionary tale: employers, exercise care when communicating the reason an employee's employment came to an end.
Sydney Criminal Lawyers
Article notes that acts of defamatory can attract both civil & criminal liability, depending on their nature & seriousness.
Stacks Law Firm
Interesting case where a tourist won a defamation case against a broadcaster who reported that the tourist threw a coward punch.
Stacks Law Firm
This animal rights activists posted online maps of factory farms, slaughterhouses and "animal exploitation" facilities.
Gilchrist Connell
The Court awarded a lawyer $750,000 in defamation damages against a woman who gave his firm a bad review on Google.
HHG Legal Group
The case shows the Court's willingness to crack down on reputational attacks made through digital communication pathways.
Sydney Criminal Lawyers
Article discusses recent civil defamation case & defines defamation including civil and criminal defamation.
Sydney Criminal Lawyers
The media falsely reported that they were responsible for floods that caused the destruction of a town and 12 deaths.
Johnson Winter & Slattery
With the introduction of the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) (Federal Act), you may be legally required to generate a yearly modern slavery statement to demonstrate the effort taken to reduce
Stacks Law Firm
Interesting case involving a dispute between chairperson of strata committee & tenant in the same building.
Article discusses when companies can sue for defamation &/or injurious falsehood as well as other forms of relief & defences.
Marque Lawyers
The ability of a publisher to criticise defamation judgments (even after they lose) was upheld in recent Rush defamation case.
Marque Lawyers
The truth defence in defamation proceedings is becoming increasingly complex and difficult for journalists to make out.
Marque Lawyers
This month's blow-up in the eSports world involved star player 'Ninja', online gaming platform Twitch, and - pornography.
Williams + Hughes
Businesses could be held liable for defamatory comments posted by third party users who engage with social media content.
Holding Redlich
The risks associated with operating a public Facebook page have increased under Australian (state-based) defamation law.
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