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Coleman Greig Lawyers
A Child Maintenance Trust has tax benefits for both the parent making the payments and the family receiving the payments.
Mellor Olsson Lawyers
A message from the Chief Justice, Family Court of Australia, may assist parents adhere to parenting orders in COVID-19.
Cooper Grace Ward
Many mediators have already started to conduct mediations via Zoom, Skype or other forms of electronic communication.
Coleman Greig Lawyers
Article discusses family violence and provides tips for mitigating the risk of family violence during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Coleman Greig Lawyers
During this COVID-19 pandemic, it is extremely important to deal with Parenting Order issues competently & quickly.
Coleman Greig Lawyers
What does "best interests" look like at the moment?
Alternative dispute resolution options can be used, rather than proceeding to court for a trial determined by a Judge.
Divorce and separation can be an incredibly confusing time, so a family lawyer would give you some practical advice.
Minden Gross LLP
Wills and estates litigator Sheila Morris' article "Vulnerable litigants and family members: A little help from my friends" was published by The Lawyer's Daily
Clark Wilson LLP
Parents across the country are worried about COVID-19 and how to protect their children. An extra layer of concern is added for separated parents who need to coordinate
Cox & Palmer
As a result of COVID-19, many parents have concerns about their parenting arrangements and access schedules. Should they send their child for parenting time with the other parent? Can they restrict access due to COVID-19?
Blaney McMurtry LLP
In these trying and uncertain times, many family law clients are wondering how to navigate the legal system during COVID-19.
O'Sullivan Estate Lawyers LLP
The role of trustee is necessary because a trust separates legal ownership, or the title to assets, from beneficial ownership, or the right to benefit from the assets.
Watson Goepel LLP
Given the current climate of uncertainty, with many of us concerned with the health and well-being of our loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic, thoughts naturally go to ...
Clark Wilson LLP
Many of you who are involved in an existing litigation may wonder about the effect of COVID-19 on the court system of British Columbia.
Field LLP
While our office remains open during the escalating global coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in Alberta, we have taken steps to minimize the potential impact of the virus...
Hong Kong
Withers LLP
With an increasing number of countries and territories having reported cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) over the past few days, the global number of confirmed cases of ...
While there are similarities as to many aspects of private children law in Hong Kong and the approach in England and Wales, and some of the law in England and Wales may be applied as to,,,
Isle of Man
DQ Advocates
In a world which is changing rapidly (it seems by the hour!), families need to ensure that they work together to show a united front during times of adversity.
Arnone & Sicomo
Cross-Border Divorce and Child Custody: all new 2020 regulations on Child Custody you should know in case of Cross-Border Divorce and Separation.
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