The original transfer pricing guidelines which were issued in 1996 by the Minister of Finance on the basis of the OECD 1995 report, have now been incorporated into the Polish Corporate Income Tax Act.

In general, prices et between parties must be set on an arm's length basis. If they have not been, the Authorities have the power to adjust the taxable income of the parties for Corporate Income Tax purposes. In general, any sale which is undervalued is treated as a donation to the purchaser. For the seller, additional income may be assessed. A similar power exists in respect of VAT.

The following methods have been provided for assessing transfer prices:

1. Comparison of uncontrolled price

The arm's length price is determined on the basis of actual prices used in comparable transactions between independent parties.

2. The resale price method

The arm's length price is determined by deducting the normal mark-up applied to the resale of the goods/services when sold to an unrelated party.

3. The cost-plus method

An appropriate mark-up is added to the supplier's production costs. The mark-up should reflect the mark-up earned on similar transactions with unrelated parties.

Finally, where the above methods cannot be used, the following method may be adopted.

4. Transaction profit method

Where the appropriate purchase price is difficult to establish, the profit margin is used to establish whether the arm's length principle is respected. However, reductions in profit due to normal economic or organisational factors are allowed.

It remains to be seen just how the Polish tax authorities will apply this legislation in practise.

Tax laws and practise are constantly being revised and, whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information is accurate and timely, no decision should be taken on the basis of the information herein without first consulting with KPMG Polska.

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This information was correct as of 7 March 1997.