United Kingdom Investor Residence

The Tier 1 (United Kingdom Investor Residence) visa is designed to facilitate accelerated permanent settlement through making substantial investments in the UK.

United Kingdom Investor Residence visa is suitable for high net worth individuals seeking Permanent Resident status in the UK with lenient requirements regarding residency, English language proficiency etc.

United Kingdom Investor Residence: Processing Time

The final decision on your application will be taken within 3 weeks and you should get the visa within 8 weeks if you apply by post.

If applying outside the UK, processing time depends on the time required to get a UK visa in your country.

United Kingdom Investor Residence: Family Members

You can include your husband, wife, or partner, and children below the age of 18 years as dependents in your visa application.

United Kingdom Investor Residence: Joint Funding

Joint funding refers to applications where applicants rely on:

  • Money held solely by self, and
  • Money held jointly with spouse, civil partner, unmarried, or same-sex partner, and
  • Money held solely by spouse, civil partner, unmarried, or same-sex partner

In case of joint funding by relying on money held jointly or solely by yourself or your spouse, civil partner, unmarried, or same-sex partner, you must provide the following documents as evidence:

  1. Documentary proof of the marriage or civil partnership or evidence to prove existence of a two-year relationship similar to marriage or civil partnership.
  2.  Documentary permission to use joint or personal funds and to have the funds under your control in the UK. You should be legally permitted to the use funds without being required to obtain the consent of your partner.
  3. Confirmation from a legal adviser that the declaration is valid.


Applicant Dependant
Application £874 £874 per person
Extension or Switch £1093 £1093 per person
Super Premium Service for application, extension or switching when residing in the UK £6000 + £1493 £6000 + £1493