For high net worth individuals, the investment requirement under the USA Investment Immigration visa (around $1 million or $500,000) is a small price to pay considering the benefits of obtaining permanent residence in the USA.

For an ultra high net worth investor from China, the visa’s cost is not an obstacle. Further, many investors have the option of applying for alternative visas such as an L-1, E1 or E2 visa, which offer the twin benefits of lower investment requirements and faster approval. Recent amendments enable E visa holders the opportunity to apply for permanent residence after a prolonged period of residence.

As well, an additional expense of $1500 will result in a significantly faster processing of the L1 visa request. This visa does not require any minimum investment. Requests for E1 and E2 visas have similar costs and similarly lenient investment requirements. Further, an individual entering the USA on the basis of these visas does not become a taxed resident of the country.