The import, transmission, distribution, storage, marketing, trade and export of natural gas and the rights and obligations of all real and legal persons relating to these activities are subject to the provisions of Law No: 4646 in Turkey.

Legal entities shall obtain necessary licenses to engage in natural gas market activities. The EMRA is the regulatory authority granting the licenses for natural gas market activities and shall respond to the license application of legal entities within sixty days following the application date.

Private legal entities to be involved in the natural gas market should be established as joint stock or limited liability companies having all the shares as registered, pursuant to the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code. The capital of these companies and other issues which must be included in their articles of association shall be governed by a regulation.

Natural Gas Market Activities:

The natural gas market activities defined under Law No 4646 are as follows: import, generation, transmission, storage, wholesale, export, city natural gas distribution, and distribution and transmission of compressed natural gas.