Due to its central European location, economic and political stability and well-known financial centre, Luxembourg is an ideal location to own and operate corporate aircraft and private jets.

Luxembourg's favourable tax regime includes investment tax credits, accelerated depreciation, interest deduction on debt financing, accrual for provisions for risks and charges, and the lowest VAT rate in Europe of 17%. Furthermore, profits of a Luxembourg company can be distributed, if correctly structured, free of withholding tax.

By using a Luxembourg special purpose vehicle, (SPV) to hold an aircraft, it is possible to benefit from the Luxembourg tax regime without needing to register the aircraft in Luxembourg.

Vistra and Luxaviation alliance creates premier aviation service

Vistra and Luxaviation have partnered to provide clients with a fully comprehensive aviation service.

Vistra is managing the non-technical aspects of aviation service for aircraft owners including proprietary structuring, the incorporation of a Luxembourg SPV, domiciliation, management, accounting and administration, and taxation. Vistra can also act as the escrow agent when an aircraft is acquired. By partnering with Luxaviation, Vistra now offers clients the long-standing operational and technical experience of the industry's leading executive jet operator.

Luxaviation is the second largest business aviation group globally and a dynamic industry consolidator with more than 50 years of pioneering experience. Headquartered in Luxembourg, it includes seven airlines specialising in the operation and maintenance of executive jets:

  • Luxaviation (Luxembourg and Germany)
  • Abelag (Belgium)
  • Unijet (France)
  • London Executive Aviation (Great Britain)
  • Masterjet (France and Portugal)
  • Luxaviation Asia (Singapore)
  • ExecuJet Aviation Group (Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australasia, Latin America)

The group's fleet of more than 250 aircraft operates worldwide and its additional partnerships with the largest private aviation firms in China and the Middle East have created an enhanced network for optimised services and seamless cross-continental travel for customers internationally.

Luxaviation has extensive know-how in executive aviation and builds on the experience of more than 1,500 dedicated aviation experts. Luxaviation is an entrusted adviser and partner of its clients, covering all technical, managerial and operational duties. Luxaviation specialises in VIP charter, aircraft management, maintenance, and aircraft sales and acquisitions.

VIP charter, aircraft management, and aircraft sales and acquisitions

VIP charter

The fleet of charter aircraft is based in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australasia and Latin America. It operates worldwide and comprises all sizes of executive jets and helicopters to accommodate any mission from time-critical day-return business trips to round-the-world tours. Onboard Luxaviation's jets, executives and VIPs enjoy bespoke service and time-efficient travelling, while families start their holidays in exclusive comfort, convenience and style.

Aircraft management

Vistra and Luxaviation's aircraft management programme offers aircraft owners administrative, operational and financial services, with a range of benefits. With the logistics taken care of, clients can focus purely on their business.

Aircraft sales and acquisitions

As a preferred partner of business jet manufacturers, Luxaviation offers additional benefits for current aircraft owners and potential buyers. Whether an aircraft sale, trade or acquisition is planned, Luxaviation is highly respected as a trusted adviser. Luxaviation helps current and future aircraft owners evaluate their requirements, select the right aircraft and negotiate with aircraft manufacturers, banks and insurance companies. Luxaviation and Vistra work closely to meet client's needs and ensure a hassle-free transaction.

Vistra's clients have dedicated access to Luxaviation to enquire about exclusive flights, benefit from preferred offers and discuss any operational matters.

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