Effective from March 24, 2016 all relevant Concessions/Public-Private Partnerships Agreements ("Concessions/ PPPs' Agreements") should be published in the electronic registry of Concessions/PPPs and therefore should be made available to all interested parties. The national registry for Concessions/PPPs will be managed by the Albanian Concession Treatment Agency (ATRAKO), acting as the responsible agency for collecting, processing and publishing the primary and secondary data with regard to existing and new Concessions/PPPs' Agreements.

The electronic registry of Concessions/PPPs aims to implement transparency and accountability principles in this sector. Furthermore, this initiative is foreseen to provide accurate and updated information to all interested parties, in light of the right to information.

Notably, the primary data include information pertaining to: (i) the contracting authority, (ii) the scope of Concessions/ PPPs' Agreement, (iii) type of contract, (iv) the municipality(ies) where the facilities to be developed under the Concessions/PPPs' Agreement will be located, (v) term of the Concessions/PPPs' Agreement, (vi) value of the Concessions/PPPs' Agreement, (vii) value of public service, (viii) the concession fee and (ix) content of the Concessions/PPPs' Agreement in compliance with the applicable legislation on protection of personal data.

Contracting authorities, which in terms of the Law no. 125/201, dated 25.4.2013 "On concessions and public- private partnerships" as amended include the line ministries and local government units, are mandatory required to submit all executed Concession/PPPs' Agreement within fifteen (15) days from the signing date to the ATRAKO. The same is compulsory as regards any amendment of an existing Concession/PPPs' Agreement.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.