Since the Supreme Court Bilski case, financial patents have been routinely denied patentability by the Patent Office, or have been invalidated before the PTAB or district court. A court in the Southern District of New York had previously invalidated a finance-based patent on Alice grounds, finding it related to no more than an abstract idea. After a new judge received the case, the new court found the claims patent-eligible and, as an early Christmas gift to the patentee, reversed the prior invalidity finding.

The case of Tivo Research and Analytics, Inc. v. TNS Media Research LLC, 11-cv-4039 (S.D.N.Y. November 29, 2016) involved a patent with claims directed to analyzing a return on an investment in advertising campaigns by matching multiple data sources. The invention specifically allows for "accountability regarding the financial resources spent on advertising." The court conducted a detailed analysis of the specification, noting the many proffered advantages of the invention and the "four dozen figures." 

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Financial Patent Resurrected After Court Sua Sponte Reverses Alice Decision

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