On July 21, 2017, President Donald Trump made his fourth group of nominations of prospective United States Attorneys. This brings the current number of Trump's United States Attorney nominations to 29.

There are 93 US Attorney positions in the federal judicial system. The men and women who serve in these positions are nominated by the President and confirmed by the United States Senate. The US Attorney is the chief law enforcement officer and the local representative for the Department of Justice in each federal district; while many of the priorities of the Department of Justice come from Washington, each US Attorney also brings a number of personal priorities based on his or her professional background. As of late July 2017, President Trump has made nominations for 29 of the 93 US Attorney positions.

Up to now, most of President Trump's nominees have come from the smaller sized districts. Over 90% of the Trump nominees have prosecutorial experience, thus bring some familiarity with how the criminal justice system works.

Around a quarter of President Obama's US Attorneys were women, over half of the Obama US Attorneys who were women were from larger, more urban districts. While President Trump has been criticized for nominating only one woman in the first 29 positions, he has more than 30 nominations left in these districts, so it is possible we'll see more women nominated moving forward.

Trump's nominees to this point are similar in many ways and have a lot of commonality as a group with Obama's United States Attorneys. It is likely we will see more nominees who have both prosecutorial experience and experience dealing with sophisticated financial issues as President Trump makes more nominations for the districts that have bigger cities and financial centers. Trump is also likely to move on to nominees for states with Democratic Senators, which can increase the degree of difficulty inherent in getting these nominations through the Senate.

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