By the Decree number 5-2017 the Congress of the Republic of Guatemala approved the animal protection and welfare law; whereas such protection and welfare is of public and social interest. The law is applicable for all kinds of animals and it seeks to eliminate acts of cruelty and abuse against animals. It also strengthens the protection of wildlife.

Additionally it includes (among other things) the following rules:

  • It creates an Animal Welfare Unit as part of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food (MAGA).
  • It creates a National Commission for Animal Protection.
  • It creates the obligation to register any kind of Animal Protection Association.
  • It creates obligations for the owners, managers and keepers of animals.
  • It establishes the basic conditions for the animals' welfare.
  • It establishes obligations for the hatcheries, sales of animals and trainers.
  • It establishes provisions for social service animals and for animals used for work.
  • It establishes conditions for animal display, exhibitions and sports.
  • It establishes the use of animals for research and teaching.
  • It sets the prohibition to use animals for experimentation and research in the cosmetic industry.
  • It includes limitations for the use of animals in movie scenes, television, advertising and other media.

The above mentioned law will come into force as of April 12, 2017.

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