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Separately, also petitioned the FTC to start a "Made in USA" rulemaking.
The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation announced more than 280 arrests in a law enforcement sweep aimed at schemes that trick individuals and businesses into wiring money to criminals.
This week, pop-star Ariana Grande (known for her hit songs like Thank U, Next and 7 Rings) brought suit in the Central District of California against retailer Forever 21
Yesterday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a warning letter to JUUL Labs for marketing unauthorized modified risk tobacco products.
In a recent case, NAD had to grapple with the issue of whether an advertiser's longstanding claim could no longer be used because of new testing conducted by a challenger.
First, in a move that shocked NY Mets fans, Tom Brady's company TEB Capital Management filed trademark applications for TOM TERRIFIC for apparel
The New England Coffee Company sells a version of its "FRESHLY GROUND 100% Arabica Coffee" that is called "Hazelnut Creme."
Late last month, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral argument in Castillo v. G&M Realty L.P.
It's important to keep the back end in mind too: consumers must be able to cancel easily.
Yesterday, Google announced that it updated its advertising policies to prohibit advertising for unproven or experimental medical techniques