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“An approach based on understanding our clients’ commercial needs and constant proactive communication allows us to deal with unexpected challenges while we serve.”

Based in Istanbul, Turkey, Deris has 103 years of history in the establishment of IP rights and the protection and enforcement of such rights. The firms’ activities in both fields date back to 1912, when the law office when it was founded. Deris consists of two legal entities, namely Deris Patents &Trademarks Agency A.Ş. which counsels, files, prosecutes, registers and manages IP rights worldwide, and Deris Attorneys-At-Law Partnership, which provides legal counsel, assistance in contentious and non-contentious matters and representation before civil and commercial courts. These two entities operate together and feed each other to address the client’s needs and requirements in the most confidential, effective and cost efficient way.

The firm has established an alliance with SEDIN S.A. in Geneva, Switzerland, which resulted in a working relationship of over 30 years for securing, maintaining and defending IP rights.

The Team

The Deris team consists of 20 attorneys at law, and 28 registered trademark and patent attorneys. Including our administrative and support staff in the trademark, search, design patent, patent and litigation/legal departments, the firm has a total of 96 collaborators.

The firm’s Legal/Litigation Department consists of 20 attorneys-at-law who are specialized to exclusively handle IP-IT related cases for contentious or non-contentious matters.

The Partnership has an agile and cost-conscious approach, pragmatically combining and coordinating tailor-made solutions for complex matters which include developing IP awareness and enforcement strategies, investigating counterfeits and evaluating the results, preparing and organizing the seizure before Customs against counterfeit goods, serving cease and desist letters for the prevention of infringing acts, conducting negotiations for settlement agreements, and instituting civil and criminal court action.

With this in mind, Deris’ approach is holistic and aims to facilitate business decision-making by acting analytically and proactively to identify up-front potential sources of conflict; to eliminate legal uncertainty as far as it is feasible; to understand and assess every detail which might affect the parameters of protection and enforcement in order to avoid unnecessary litigation and ensure trouble free and uninterrupted operation.

The Partnership has extensive experience and in depth knowledge acquired in more than 1620 matters, including 420 court actions within the last five years.

Focus On IP

Deris provides a wide spectrum of services for securing, maintaining, defending and enforcing IP rights, designed to meet our clients’ budgetary requirements.

Deris considers IP rights to be assets and has structured its own organization to provide services with a proactive approach and to offer clients a complete range of legal services.

Deris intends to keep its niche IP Focus approach by expanding into areas overlapping with the IP field such as IT Law, Media, Advertising, Competition, and Telecommunication.


Industrial Property Rights

  • Trademarks/Brand Protection
  • Patents
  • Designs
  • Geographical indications
  • Plant varieties
  • Chip topographies
  • Domain names
  • Database


Unfair competition

Other related areas of practice

  • Mass media
  • Database
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Reputation management
  • Consumer protection
  • Advertising
  • Competition Law

Services provided by Deris Attorneys at Law Partnership:

Legal Representation in Turkey

§ Non-Contentious:

· Performing due diligence, audits and appraisals of Intellectual Property rights and portfolios

· Developing and implementing strategies and programs for IP protection and enforcement in all jurisdictions

· Representation and conducting negotiations for settlement agreements whether out of court or in ongoing actions

§ Contentious:

Preparing, instituting, and prosecuting court actions for:

· Enforcement, defensive and regulatory purposes before civil, criminal, administrative, appellate courts

· Determination of evidence/facts established through the civil court experts’ report on various matters such as infringement, similarity, confusion, damage, compensation and notoriety

· Declaration of non-infringement

· Serving cease and desist letters for the prevention of infringing acts against IP rights

§ Border measures

· Preparing and organizing the seizure before Customs for the protection of IP rights against counterfeit goods

Counseling in Turkey

§ in relation to the enforcement, retrieval and establishment of IP rights

§ for the suspension of release procedure before Customs for the seizure of counterfeits by the Customs Authorities when they are imported into or exported from Turkey

§ for seizure of counterfeits by police raids through criminal proceedings

§ follow-up for the establishment of private experts’ reports

§ organization and coordination of investigation of counterfeiting activity and, assessment of investigation reports on counterfeits

Contracts in Turkey

§ Drafting and revision of agreements for: licenses, assignment, co-existence, employee’s invention and innovation, manufacturing, technology transfer, franchise, distribution, agency

Services Provided by Deris Patents & Trademarks Agency A.Ş.:

Deris Patents and Trademark Agency A.Ş. provides services such as drafting, preparing, filing and prosecuting applications of Industrial Property Rights in Turkey and follows administrative procedure management for securing registrations in other countries by working through our network of correspondents, as well as directly with international authorities such as WIPO.

Our Experts

Mehmet Nazım Aydın Deriş graduated with first class honours from the Faculty of Law at the University of Geneva in June 1968. He is fluent in French, English, Italian and German and has a spoken command of Greek.

Mr. Deris has been shareholder and manager since July 1971 of the firm Deris Patents & Trademarks Agency, and counsel since 01 January 2015 of Deris Attorney-At-Law Partnership, He has acted and taken part as a lawyer and legal counsel in matters involving litigation, court proceedings, suspension of release proceedings with Customs, the registration/renewal, licensing and defence of IP rights in Turkey and abroad on behalf of foreign and Turkish clients.

He has been an active member since the early 1980s of different commissions engaged in establishing new legislation concerning industrial property at the State Planning Organisation and the Ministry of Trade and Industry, preparing studies pertaining to diverse subjects to be submitted to the concerned commissions.

Mr Deris conceived, developed, and implemented proprietary software and the database for the management, follow-up, and search of industrial property rights.

He is now a member of LES/Italy, (INTA), PTMG London, FICPI, co-founding member and the first president of AIPPI Turkish Group . He has prepared a summary of jurisprudence pertaining to Turkey since 1993 covering landmark court decisions regarding unfair competition/trade mark protection, published in INTA's Annual Review. As a European patent attorney, between 2001 and 2007 Mr. Deris has been a council member of EPI (the Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office) and is now a member of the EPPC (European Patent Practice Committee) and of the Litigation Committee.


Nükhet Serra Coral (Founding Partner, Attorney at Law) is a European Patent Attorney, a Turkish Patent and Trademark Attorney, and a member of INTA and AIPPI, as well as the AIPPI National Group of Turkey.

Having graduated from the University of Geneva's Faculty of Law, she joined the company in 1994. In addition to matters such as lawsuits and court procedures, she also actively provides services to international and Turkish clients in relation to the establishment of their industrial/intellectual property rights in Turkey and abroad, and to the granting and tracking of licenses. She speaks French and English.


Emre Kerim Yardımcı (Founding Partner, Attorney at Law) is a Patent and Trademark Attorney, UDRP panelist member of INTA and AIPPI, member of Executive Board of AIPPI Turkey since 2014.

Having graduated with a double major from the University of Geneva's Faculties of Business Administration and Law, he joined the company in 2002. He speaks French and English.


Okan Çan (Partner, Attorney at Law) is European Patent Attorney, a Turkish Patent and Trademark Attorney, and a member of INTA and AIPPI; Okan actively serves foreign and Turkish clients as legal counsel for matters involving litigation and court proceedings as well as for matters involving the establishment, licensing and follow up of intellectual property rights and image rights in Turkey. He has been selected by his peers to be listed in the 2010 and 2012 edition of Best Lawyers in IP in Turkey. He is fluent in English.


Banu Nur Barbur (Partner, Attorney at Law) is a European Patent Attorney, a Registered Turkish Patent and Trademark Attorney, and a member of INTA and AIPPI. She is registered with the Bar Association of Istanbul. Having completed her undergraduate education at Geneva University's Faculty of Law in Switzerland, she joined the company in 1997. She speaks English, French, Italian and Spanish.


Nazlı T. Korkut (Turkish Trademark and Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney) is a member of EPI, AIPPI, LESI. She has joined the company in 1996, is specialized in patent and trademark prosecution advising about patent protection for SMEs and Universities, and is fluent in English. She has been active in AIPPI National Group and AIPPI International Committees since 2008 and she has sit as president of the AIPPI Turkish Group between 2010-2014.


Berrin Kalenderli (Partner, Trademark Department; Trademark and Patent Attorney; European Patent Attorney) is a member of EPI AIPPI. She joined the company in 1996. She is specialized in trademarks and domain names, a Member of the IPC Committee in ICANN and also works for the Internet Committee of INTA. She is fluent in English and German.

Our Experts
European Patent Attorney, Turkish Patent and Trademark Attorney
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Founding Partner, European Patent Attorney, Turkish Patent and Trademark Attorney
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Founding Partner, Patent and Trademark Attorney
+90 212 2526122 
European Patent Attorney, Turkish Patent and Trademark Attorney
+90 212 2526122 
European Patent Attorney, Turkish Patent and Trademark Attorney
+90 212 2526122 
Turkish Trademark and Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney
Trademark and Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney
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