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By Matthew Ash, Jackie Midlane, Katia Mengel
What really has the market reacting and which will no doubt create the necessary momentum to address the energy crisis in our country is that the Minister announced an expansion and acceleration of the programme through a number of initiatives.
By Heather Irvine, Mark Griffiths
The COMESA Council of Ministers has significantly reduced the maximum merger filing fee and introduced thresholds for filings.
By Heather Irvine, Mark Griffiths
Why is it that people who do all their business on a keyboard linked to an electronic device are surprised to be told that when they put their name at the end of the email or other document it is a binding signature?
By Matthew Ash
The debate surrounding hydraulic fracturing or fracking of the Karoo's potentially massive shale gas reserves continues to rage.
By Malcolm Hartwell
The risks attached to international trade are considerable and for business terminology to be effective, phrases must mean the same thing throughout the industry.
By Robyn Holwill
Every pre-existing company continues to exist as a company as if it had been registered in terms of the new Act, with the same name and registration number.
By Vuyo Goni, Lynette Swart
There may be no retrenchments in South Africa as a result of the merger for two years after the implementation of the transaction (1 December 2010), except senior management.
By Lance Witten, Johannes Burger, Sipelelo Lityi
The Kwazulu-Natal High Court granted an interdict preventing protesters from chanting loudly or using any kind of instrument to make noise because tolerance levels for conducting business were exceeded by unacceptably high noise levels.
By Sipelelo Lityi, Daniel Breier
In law, jurisdiction is determined according to whether a particular court has the power or competence to hear and determine an issue between parties.
By Murray Alexander
The Labour Court has confirmed the principle that clauses in a contract of employment that provide for the automatic termination of an employee's employment if the labour broker's client no longer requires the services of the employee, are invalid.
By Patrick Bracher
The European Convention and the South African Constitution differ in an important respect.
By Karen Ainslie
From 1 July 2011, employees earning more than the new threshold of R172 000,00 per year will not automatically benefit from certain sections of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, 1998.
By Owen Mokoena
Added duties have been placed on the board of a pension fund regarding the appointment and termination of the principal officer. The board is required to review the fitness and propriety of its principal officer annually.
By Murray Alexander
When an outsourcing agreement terminates any employees transferred in terms of the agreement are not automatically transferred back to the old employer or to any new service provider.
By Justin Malherbe
The recent High Court application for an interdict by the Board of Healthcare Funders against the Council for Medical Schemes has received widespread media attention.
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