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CEP 20031170
By Robert Daniel-Shores, Rafael Rocha
In Brazil, the courts, rather than the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BPTO), have the final say about the registration or cancellation of a patent, design or trademark.
By Ricardo Dutra Nunes
Although the amount of patent litigation in Brazil is far from the level of litigation in the US, patent infringement actions are very common in the jurisdiction.
By Isabella Cardozo, Lívia Helayel
When is a trademark a trademark? In an ideal world a trademark should be whatever is perceived as a trademark by consumers.
By Gustavo Sartori Guimarães
The Brazilian Patent Office (BRPTO) published on August 21, 2018, Rule # 223/2018, which establishes the procedures related to the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) between BRPTO...
By Ana Carolina Moreira Cesar, André de Oliveira, George Mendonça De Lucena
No dia 14 de agosto de 2018, foi sancionada a Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados
By Ana Carolina Moreira Cesar, George Mendonça De Lucena
Requisitos para contratação de serviços de processamento de dados e computação em nuvem por instituições financeiras
By Hannah Fernandes, Isabella Cardozo, Rafael Rocha
Often clients, unaccustomed to Brazil, fret about the wrong problem, such as the backlog. Alternatively, they try to solve a problem with the wrong solution, like drafting a standard licensing...
By Samantha Salim
Uma invenção de seleção é aquela em que um único elemento ou um pequeno segmento dentro de um amplo grupo conhecido é selecionado e reivindicado de forma independente ...
By Vanessa De Freitas Gaeta
O mercado brasileiro de Propriedade Intelectual entra no segundo semestre de 2018 em contagem regressiva. Copa do Mundo? Eleições? Não exatamente. O segmento tem um marco próprio a esperar: até o fim
By George Lucena
The present article analyzes how the Marco Civil will affect the enforcement of intellectual property rights against online infringements.
By Isabella Cardozo
When people think about Brazil they often imagine just another country in South America, like Argentina or Chile.
By Isabella Cardozo
It is also relevant to know that multiclass applications are not allowed in Brazil.
By Kene Gallois
Despite the ongoing efforts to harmonize patent practice in all countries, some differences persist.
By Fábio Leme
In Brazil, the three-dimensional trademark is defined in accordance with the concept adopted by the Brazilian PTO as the "sign consisting of its physical shape which is distinctive in itself...
By Kene Gallois
Biotechnology is a multidisciplinary science that integrates concepts of Biology, Chemistry, Engineering and Informatics, based on the use of living organisms and biological systems...