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By Amani Harrison Esq
The Second Chamber of District Administrative Litigation Court No. 1 issued judgment on March 1, 2005, acknowledging BAT’s right to register (use?) its BELMONT trademark in Ecuador.  In an action that began in 1997, partner Jose Rafael Bustamante led a team of Bustamante & Bustamante litigators that played a decisive role in convincing the Court to overcome the opposition filed by BAT rival Phillip Morris.
By Juan Carlos Bustamante
To avoid the exportation of indirect taxes, Article 69(a) of the Internal Tax Regime Law recognizes the right to a refund for value added tax (VAT) paid on the importation and local acquisition of goods and services used for the production of export goods. Based on this legal provision, companies with upstream contracts have claimed from the Internal Revenue Service a refund of the VAT paid on the production of the oil they produce and export.
By Amani Harrison Esq
Despite the existence of national and Andean Community legislation protecting intellectual property rights as well as the adhesion by Ecuador to key international conventions on intellectual and industrial property rights, such as the Agreement on Trade-Related aspects of Intellectual Property (the TRIPS Agreement), Ecuador remains one of the countries in the region with the most prolific rates of piracy.
By Amani Harrison Esq
By Enrique Chiriboga
By Enrique Chiriboga, Enrique Chiriboga
By Agustin Hurtado, Agustin Hurtado
By Agustin Hurtado, Agustin Hurtado