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By Wally Klatch, Wally Klatch
Equating "Liquids" with "Process Industries" is a huge logistics mistake – liquids are in fact the lifeblood of Discrete and Service Industries.
By Wally Klatch
Judging by the amount of ink, both real and virtual, that has been used to write about RFID you would think it is the most widespread, the most useful, the most all-curing logistics remedy that can be found – the business-technology version of patent medicine.
By Wally Klatch
You may think you’re using the right tool for the job when the tool is actually preventing you from doing the job right. Look at American car manufacturers – they used standard slotted screws in all their assembly lines until 1936, when Henry Phillips got Cadillac to use his cross-grooved screw and power screwdriver. Phillips screws and drivers worked better than slotted screws on automated lines – the driver seated better in the groove during screwing and "jumped out" of the groove