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By Seth Jaffe
Earlier this month, EPA released its recommendations for its National Compliance Initiatives for 2020-2023.
By Seth Jaffe
Last week, a federal judge once more rejected the Environmental Assessment for the expansion of the Spring Creek Mine in Montana. The case does not really break any new ground,
By Seth Jaffe
Concern about the impacts of Poly- and Perflouroalkyl Substances is extensive and growing. Without seeking to downplay the potential risks from PFAS exposure,
By Richard Baldwin
Last week U.S. District Judge Zobel denied a road assistance service provider's motion to stop its former vice president of sales from working for a competitor
By Zachary Gerson
The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities ("DPU") wants to know. The DPU recently opened docket D.P.U. 19-07 to investigate whether improvements can be made to the retail electric
By Christopher Escobedo Hart
What data privacy concerns should practitioners have relating to blockchain technology? Answering the question involves understanding first the personal information implicated by a specific blockchain
By Meredith Haviland, Robert Sawyer, Kate Leonard
Important Dates And Reminders For Investment Advisers, Exempt Reporting Advisers, Commodity Trading Advisors And Commodity Pool Operators - February 12, 2019
By John Hancock
A single annual plan is stronger than four quarterly plans.
By Catherine Muyl, Marion Cavalier
On January 11, 2019, the Cancellation Division of the European Union Intellectual Property Office ("EUIPO") rendered a surprising decision that revoked in its entirety ...
By Natasha Reed
If you haven't heard already, New York Fashion Week is here! As usual, a lineup of awe-inspiring shows is expected to roll out over the next several days
By Zachary Gerson
On February 1, 2019, the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities issued two long-awaited orders in docket D.P.U. 17-146. The orders address a number of issues related to pairing energy storage
By Zachary Gerson
Hopefully the EFSB will receive comments reflective of its significance.
By Seth Jaffe
Neither would it preclude use of market-based approaches towards regulating carbon.
By Seth Jaffe
In fairness, the stereotype is not fully apt here.
By August T. Horvath
People on social media, and in some face-to-face social settings, often reveal more about themselves than they need to or really should.
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