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Russian Federation
Passage of this Federal Law provides the Russian legal system with the institution of shareholder agreement implemented at legislative level.
By Sergey Sorokin
Corporate shares and bonds, government bonds, and bills issued by banks and companies are the main types of the securities circulating in the Russian financial market.
By Andrey Novakovskiy
The Russian corporate bonds market traces its history from 1999 when Lukoil and Gazprom launched their pilot bonds issues intended primarily for those foreign investors whose money was "locked" in Russia as a result of the 1998 default.
By Oleg Volkov, Tatiana Kachalina
The Russian main merger control authority is the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS).
Russia has been continuously enjoying good macroeconomic conditions, and many opportunities lie within reach of domestic and foreign investors.
By Roman Belenkov
In 2007, the Russian security market brought in a new financial instrument, Russian Depositary Receipts (RDRs), intended to attract investment.
By Tatiana Kachalina, Oleg Volkov
The Russian main merger control authority is the Federal Antimonopoly Service. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation also performs some merger control functions in respect of transactions involving banks and financial institutions.
By Dmitriy Glazounov, Alexandra Fasakhova
According to Russian legislation, a receivable contract is required to be made in writing when at least one of its parties is a legal person, or when the contract value made between individuals is more than a certain threshold (currently, approx. USD 400), or in some other cases directly prescribed by law.