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By Eric Sinrod
The Congressional mid-term elections are coming up. There is ample current discussion about whether the Republicans can hold onto majorities in both the Senate and the House of Representatives.
By Joseph M. Casole
Just as the growth of fantasy sports, sweepstakes and online poker were curtailed by the reach of gambling laws, the latest trends in the $138 billion video gaming industry are attracting an increasing level of unsolicited attention from gambling regulators across the globe.
By Oliver Massmann
In Vietnam gibt es kein Privateigentum an Land. Land gehört den Menschen und wird verwaltet ausschließlich vom Staat. Der Staat räumt Landnutzern Landnutzungsrechte ein. Organisationen, häusliche...
By Darrick Mix
California has become the first state in the nation to require public companies to put female directors on their boards.
By Eve Klein, Eric Ruden
On October 1, 2018, the NYSDOL and the NYSDHR released finalized guidance documents regarding the workplace sexual harassment protections enacted as part of the New York state budget bill on April 12, 2018.
By Patricia Hofstra
The hospitals are also required to follow corrective action plans and be monitored by the OCR .
By Neelaabh Shankar, Ph.D., Patrick C. Gallagher
Among the key aspects in the development of a biosimilar product for the U.S. market is taking advantage of formal meetings with the FDA to gain insight on moving a clinical development program for a proposed biosimilar product forward.
By Jonathan Segal
In order to conduct a compliant criminal background check, employers ordinarily must comply not only with the federal Fair Credit Reporting (FCRA) Act, but also state and local laws.
By Oliver Massmann
In den letzten Jahren hat Vietnam im Durchschnitt eine der weltweit schnellsten Wachstumsraten erreicht von mehr als 6% p.a. Ein solches Wachstum ...
By Patrick C. Gallagher, Neelaabh Shankar, Ph.D.
The importance of taking advantage of meetings with FDA during the biosimilar development process cannot be emphasized enough.
By Frederick Ball, Patrick C. Gallagher, Alison T. Rosenblum
The revised MOU allows for information gathering and analysis of specific situations.
By Jose Aquino
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced the formation of the first-ever biotech venture between the U.S. and Cuba.
By Oliver Massmann
Der M&A-Markt in Vietnam ist seit Anfang dieses Jahres sehr aktiv.
By Eric Sinrod
Concerns about foreign hackers have been heightened since the 2016 presidential election, given that various U.S. intelligence agencies reported foreign Internet efforts to influence that election.
By Oliver Massmann
Anwalt in Vietnam Dr. Oliver Massmann – Reform im Energiesektor Wettbewerbsmechanismus für neue Generation von Investment – Was Sie wissen müssen:
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