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By Perez Bustamante Ponce
The Law on Incentives for Public-Private Alliances and its regulations include provisions approving local and international arbitration as a means for dispute resolution in relation to PPA contracts.
By Perez Bustamante Ponce
The Board will be the highest body to control, supervise and regulate matters relating to money laundering and terrorism financing.
By Perez Bustamante Ponce
In the United States, government regulatory entities have the power to give monetary awards to employees who report illegal activities at their companies.
By Perez Bustamante Ponce
The SRI is legally able to gain access to all kinds of data, numbers and documents, provided that they are not protected by professional secrecy.
By Perez Bustamante Ponce
Filing to submit those reports as mentioned above may also bring about sanctions ranging from fines to the closure of commercial establishments.
By Perez Bustamante Ponce
The boxes are named in keeping with the nomenclature used by the IFIS for different groups of accounts.
By Perez Bustamante Ponce
The Central Bank is authorized to issue securities known as TBCs (by their Spanish acronym). The TBCs are delivered to contractors as payment for goods or services provided to the Ecuadorian State.
By José Manuel Albornoz-Barrezueta
This question is usually asked at the beginning of each year when taxpayers do not know, in whole or in part, the conditions that must be satisfied and the information that must be reported to the IRS.
By Tatiana Silva-Rubio
U.S. authorities aggressively apply money anti-laundering and anti-corruption laws on persons and companies beyond the U.S. borders.
By Perez Bustamante Ponce
The U.S. FCPA makes it unlawful and penalizes U.S. companies, their directors and executives if they pay directly or through third parties anything of value to foreign public officials for purposes of obtaining unethical economic benefits.