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By Bolormaa Volodya
The issue of a corporate governance started to receive attention in Mongolia since the year 2000...
By Gumru Eyvazova
On 15 April 2019 Azerbaijan's Constitutional Court adopted a decision on invalidation of the decision of the SC on refusal to recognise and enforce an arbitral award which was issued by the Korean Arbitration Council.
By Igor Popa
Igor Popa, a Senior partner at the Popa & Associates, the associate office of GRATA International in Moldova, spoke in an interview with BizLaw about the opportunities of the E-residency service in Estonia for Moldovan entrepreneurs.
By GRATA International
A new measure of support for large families and people with disabilities has been adopted by the Head of the State.
By Shaimerden Chikanayev
Three local level public–private-partnership (PPP) projects are on the brink of collapse due to the relevant local state ...
By Bolormaa Volodya
Mediation a method of alternative dispute resolution parties to any agreement should consider, aside from arbitration. Mediation is essentially a negotiation facilitated by a neutral third party.
By Mikhail German
Any business activity, one way or another, is connected with the involvement of labor resources, since with the development of the company
By Sergey Vakhrushev
Usually, under the delivery contract, the parties agree on the terms about an advance payment for goods, such provision is aimed at protecting the supplier's interests.
By Shaimerden Chikanayev
The capacity market was finally launched on the 1st January 2019 in Kazakhstan to encourage investment for the renovation of old, as well as construction of new, power infrastructure facilities.
By Bolormaa Volodya
Civil court lawsuits and trials are the traditional method for resolving disputes.
By Yerzhan Yessimkhanov
He advises Chinese investors to closely study the local legal, taxation and planning requirements, as well as prevailing government policies, and pursue rigorous due-diligence.
By GRATA International
We present to your attention the last summer release of Newsletter of Associated office of GRATA International in Belarus (Minsk) Arzinger&Partners.
By Bakhyt Tukulov, Askar Konysbayev
Kazakhstan gained its independence in 1991 from the USSR. Kazakhstan's judicial system is young, relatively underfinanced, and thus not sufficiently strong or independent.
By Assel Ilyassova
In our view, corporate tax practice in Kazakhstan has not significantly changed in the last year.
By Yerzhan Yessimkhanov, Assem Tnalina
This Article is intended to bring attention of construction companies considering entering the construction market in Kazakhstan to general provisions of Kazakh law regulating licensing...
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