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United Arab Emirates
By Mazen Boustany
The old UAE insolvency law that was embedded in the Commercial Transactions Code was an efficient and comprehensive law of 255 articles that was unfortunately little used for a number of reasons,
By Gordon Blanke MCIArb, Counsel
A recent ruling of the Dubai Court of First Instance questions de novo the UAE courts’ compliance with their obligations under international enforcement instruments in the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards.
By Gordon Blanke MCIArb, Counsel
The vexed question of the arbitrability vel non of competition law has now reached the shores of the United Arab Emirates.
By Gordon Blanke MCIArb, Counsel
Those who feared that following Sir David Steel J’s ruling in "Injazat Capital Limited and Injazat Technology Fund B.S.C. v. Denton Wilde Sapte & Co" before the Dubai International Financial Centre Court of First Instance, the DIFC Courts and by extension the United Arab Emirates more generally found themselves in a situation of "de facto" violation of Article II(3) of the New York Convention, may now utter a sigh of relief.
By Carine Souaiby
Recent statistics show that, on an international scale, family-owned businesses constitute the cornerstone of the global economy, accounting for four-fifths of all businesses.
By Gordon Blanke MCIArb, Counsel
A recent ruling of the Dubai Court of Cassation (the highest Court in the Emirate, against whose rulings there lies no further appeal) raises serious concerns as to whether the unruly horse of public policy that became infamous in the early nineteenth century in the common law world and in particular along the shorelines of the British Isles has now bridged the gulf between the common and civil law world, made its way across the Persian Gulf and - washed ashore in the Emirate of Dubai – has turn
By Faizal Latheef
It is mandatory for an expatriate employee to sign a labour contract in the format stipulated by the Ministry of Labour prior to commencing employment.
By Gordon Blanke MCIArb, Counsel, Soraya Corm-Bakhos
The New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Awards is one of the most successful international enforcement instruments in history.
By Shoeb Saher
Employment relationships in the United Arab Emirates are governed by Federal Law No.8 of 1980 Regulating Labour Relations as amended by Federal Laws No.24 of 1981, No.15 of 1985 and No.12 of 1986 (the Labour Law).
By Lady Elizabeth Riesenburg
Growth in global carbon dioxide emissions from energy consumption continued through 2011 as fossil fuels vastly dominate global energy sources.
By Intisar Sadek
The UAE has a high percentage of working women which statistics recognise as an important and productive workforce.
By Lady Elizabeth Riesenburg
AS GLOBAL ENERGY CONSUMPTION continues to rise, renewable energy is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative means to power the world.
By Gordon Blanke MCIArb, Counsel, Karim Nassif
What, if any, are the legal requirements of an arbitration agreement under the laws of the UAE?
By Mohammed El Ghul, Intisar Sadek
2012 commenced with lively discussion on the proposed UAE Federal Law on Commercial Companies.
By Shoeb Saher
As the name implies, end of service gratuity is an amount of money that every employee is entitled to receive, and every employer is liable to pay, upon termination of an employment relationship in the UAE, provided that the employee meets the conditions set out in the Labour Law (UAE Federal Law No.8 of 1980).