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By Patrick Tweedale, Sara Berger
Dubai Free Zones Council considers providing one licence to companies which would allow operation in multiple free zones.
By Yasser Omar
Cabinet Decision No. 8 of 2018 on the Implementing Regulations of Federal Law No. 1 of 2017.
By Michael Webb
The dramatic fall in crude prices has led to speculation that some oil-producing countries may be forced to abandon their currencies' fixed exchange rate pegs, which are typically set to the US Dollar.
By Victoria Woods, Yasmene Aweti
The Dubai Data Law, which has been in force since 27 December 2015 aims to improve efficiency between, and facilitate the integration of, services provided by federal and local governmental entities.
By Mandeep Kalsi
Many global UK and US companies, in an effort to make diversity a business imperative, have adopted management-driven programmes and diversity initiatives aimed at prohibiting discrimination on the basis of an employee's membership of a protected class.
By Shahrzad Molavi
With the aim of promoting Dubai as the regional hub for business in the Middle East, the Government of Dubai recently introduced a new Licensing Law that delegates to DED the responsibility of streamlining and updating the current licensing system as well as, more generally, regulating economic activities in Dubai.
By Bilal Snaineh
Our clients frequently ask whether it is possible to pledge the shares of a limited liability company incorporated under the Federal Law No. 8 of 1984 concerning Commercial Companies (Companies Law), (UAE LLC) following a relatively recent announcement by the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) in which the DED indicated a willingness to record such pledges.
By Marisa Finnerty
There are a variety of corporate structures available to foreign companies seeking to set up in the UAE.
By Omar Al Heloo
Omar Al Heloo discusses the developments in UAE competition law.
By Reema Ashraf
Reema Ashraf illustrates the key limitation periods which exist in the various laws of the UAE.
By Michael Dark, Mahmoud Awad
Bi-monthly report based on practical experience of our team of advocates in the courts of the UAE. This month, Michael Dark and Mahmoud Awad discuss the implications of foreign law and arbitration clauses in distribution or agency agreements.
By Mandeep Kalsi
Despite the United Arab Emirates (UAE) having a population where close to 80% of the workforce consist of non-UAE nationals and where the ethnic make-up of that workforce is so diverse, the Islamic traditions, customs and cultural practices that underlie the State are a prominent feature of everyday life.
By Brent Baldwin
Brent Baldwin, a specialist on JOP and Real Estate law, provides some tips for owners and board members.
By Alexander McGeoch
Alex McGeoch investigates the emergence of the Order No. 19 of 2005, and the incentivised requirements fashioned to encourage Labour Law compliance.
By Michael Lunjevich, Bianca Gracias
Leading UAE law firm Hadef & Partners, today published a report titled The cost of owning freehold property in Dubai.