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By Paul Eckert, Bruce Newman, Daniel Martin
On July 12, 2017, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) published new implementation guidance on the bond mark-up...
By Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Kamann, Martin Seyfarth
On July 12 the German federal government adopted important amendments (the amendments) to the German Foreign Trade and Payments Ordinance (the Ordinance), allowing for wider control of foreign corporate...
By WilmerHale
Some interesting links we found across the web this week:
By Thomas W. White, Alan Wilson
SEC Chief Accountant Wesley Bricker recently delivered another speech in which he discussed current issues in financial reporting and highlighted the critical roles that auditors, audit committees...
By Trevor Cook, Justin Watts, PhD, Anthony Trenton, Matthew Shade, PhD
The UK Supreme Court rarely hears patent cases, and will only hear cases that it considers to be fundamentally important. The court's July 12 judgment is most significant for changing the test for infringement in the United Kingdom, widening the scope for infringement by equivalence.
By David Bowker, Sharon Cohen Levin, Michael D. Gottesman, Laura Goodall, Kelsey McGregor
The US government's settlement with Hobby Lobby on July 5, 2017 is part of its broader effort to combat trafficking in looted antiquities from the war-torn Middle East and to reduce market demand...
By Thomas W. White
Lewis Ferguson, a member of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, recently provided guidance to audit committees on how committees might use new, publicly available information regarding other accounting firm(s) that participate in an audit.
By WilmerHale
TechCrunch reviews this year's mixed performance by tech IPOs.
By WilmerHale
Read more about the changing landscape for IPOs here.
By WilmerHale
Reyna, J. Reversing district court's refusal to award attorneys fees to defendant. The district court abused its discretion by failing to follow Court's mandate from prior appeal to evaluate the totality...
By Franca Harris Gutierrez, Noah A. Levine, David Lesser, Daniel P. Kearney, Jamie Dycus, Bradford Hardin, Jr., Daniel Hartman
On July 10, 2017, the CFPB announced its long-anticipated final rule to prohibit the use of pre-dispute arbitration agreements to block consumer class actions in contracts for consumer financial products...
By Gregory Lantier, Natalie Hanlon Leh, Mary Sooter
In-house attorneys routinely receive, review and compare alternative fee arrangement proposals and nearly all law firms regularly submit them, but the parties often do not follow a disciplined...
By Gregory Lantier, Natalie Hanlon Leh, Mary Sooter
An alternative fee arrangement is frequently required as part of a law firm's response to a client's request for proposals to handle new litigation matters.
By John Ratliff, Christian Duvernoy, Frédéric Louis, Anne Vallery, Cormac O'Daly
For the last two years, the European Commission has been carrying out a Sector Inquiry into e-commerce of consumer goods and digital content in the EU.
By Frédéric Louis, Anne Vallery
It would be impossible to cover all of the significant developments, touching upon all aspects of European Commission enforcement of the TFEU antitrust rules.
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