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By Amit Kapur
A case in point is the financial stress seen in the power sector where in spite of the overarching structural reforms implemented.
By Somasekhar Sundaresan
Abject disregard of relevant factors and apathy in handling mercy petitions led to the SC's intervention.
By Somasekhar Sundaresan
Courts have, by and large, been supportive of power whenever Sebi has used it in extraordinary circumstances.
By Promod Nair
A Constitution bench of the Supreme Court yesterday, delivered a landmark judgment overruling the doctrine laid down in 2002 by the same Court in Bhatia International v Bulk Trading S.A.
By Somasekhar Sundaresan
Economists say that the length of the Constitution of a country is inversely proportional to the level of mutual trust in society and unfortunately India has the world's longest Constitution.
By Somasekhar Sundaresan
Earlier this year, Justice P Sathasivam, as chief justice of India, he struck a firm blow against the lackadaisical manner in which mercy petitions are handled.
By Nitin Potdar
Today, buzzwords like 'good governance', 'independent directors' and 'minority interest' are an integral part of any corporate discussion or debate.
By Lalit Kumar
We are at the closing of the first year of implementation of the new Companies Act.
By Ananya Kumar, Divyam Agarwal
"The suggestion to the legislature is to formulate a mechanism that anyone who initiates and continues a litigation senselessly, pays for the same."
By Nitin Potdar
In his second Independence Day speech Prime Minister Narendra Modi put his emphasis squarely on entrepreneurship and job creation through startups.
By Lalit Kumar
The government must keep a low threshold of shareholders or depositors needed to initiate class action.
By Desh Gaurav Sekhri
The BCCI is headed for radical change along the lines laid down by the Lodha Committee. Ironically, it's the eventual outcome of the Board's chronic resistance to change itself.
By Zerick Dastur
The recent order of the Delhi High Court in the matter of Vikram Bakshi versus McDonald's India Pvt Ltd marks a significant development in the field of arbitration.
By Zerick Dastur
In the absence of parties agreeing upon such a mechanism or giving effect to an agreed mechanism of this nature, a contract runs the risk of being frustrated.
By Zerick Dastur
In connection with resolution of disputes arising out of commercial agreements, time is very often of the essence.