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By David Broenimann
In late September 2014, the Swiss Federal Council started the formal consultation process regarding draft legislation on a comprehensive reform of corporate taxation.
By Alexander Vogel, Debora Kern
The Takeover Board's practice regarding the evaluation of the validity of an opt-out clause has recently undergone several changes.
By Alexander Vogel, Debora Durrer-Kern
The Securities and Stock Exchange Act provides for a mandatory offer obligation where a shareholder or a group of shareholders acting in concert exceeds a threshold of 33.3% of the voting rights in a listed company listed.
By Kilian Schärli, Andreas Wildi
Changes to the Therapeutic Products Act will improve public access to medicines and conditions for biomedical research and industry.
By Barbara Müller
The Swiss Administrative Court has upheld a decision of the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (FIIP) in which the latter had refused to register the word mark QATAR AIRWAYS.
By Janelise Favre
Family businesses are neither families nor companies but the better or worse of both!
By Heike Schulz
In its judgement of 2 May 2012 (BGE 4A_678/2011), the Federal Tribunal decided that a waiver of the right of offset declared in advance by the principal debtor in favour of the creditor also applies for the surety if the offset waiver was agreed before the conclusion of the contract of suretyship or with the consent of the surety.
By Urs Boller
Outsourcing occurs when a company wants to outsource a single business unit and mandate a third party to provide services that were previously rendered by its own employees.
By Christophe Rapin, Martin Ammann, Daphné Lebel
The Federal Act of 6 October 1995 on Cartels and Other Restraints of Competition (hereafter referred to as "Cartel Act") is the legislation governing cartels in Switzerland.
By Christophe Rapin, Christophe Pétermann
The Federal Supreme Court recently rendered two decisions regarding banks’ duties of care and fidelity in the distribution of financial products.
By Simon Holzer
In a recent decision the new Swiss Federal Patent Court confirmed that it adheres to the case law with regard of the wording of prayers for relief in Swiss patent proceedings.
By Dr. Manuel Arroyo, LL.M., Guy-Philippe Rubeli
Arbitration under the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration (Swiss Rules) is a dispute resolution procedure leading to a binding decision (i.e., an award) from an independent arbitral tribunal.
By Patricia Guerra, Barbara Stillhart-Zimmermann
The proposal has the title "An End to Tax Privileges for Millionaires" and the aim is to abolish lump sum taxation in Switzerland at federal and cantonal level.
By Patricia Guerra, Barbara Stillhart-Zimmermann
Last weekend the people in the canton of Berne voted on whether to abolish the lump sum taxation.
By Martin Ammann, Christophe Rapin
While there is no requirement for a foreign franchisor offering or selling franchises in Switzerland to form a Swiss corporate vehicle for this purpose, many do.