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By Malin Nilsson, Maria Evstropova, Claire Simm
On March 12, 2019, the European Union updated the EU Blacklist of Non-Cooperative Jurisdictions in Taxation Matters and added 10 new jurisdictions to the list, including Aruba, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, ...
By Hannah Rossiter
In this edition of Regulatory Watch, the experts in Duff & Phelps' Paris Compliance and Regulatory Consulting team, provide a detailed synopsis of the latest news and publications issued by France's Autorité des marchés financiers ...
By Brooks Dexter, Eric Coburn, Philip Smith, Adam Stormoen, Jordan Lampos
The S&P Healthcare Services index decreased by 1.5% over the last month, as compared to the S&P 500, which increased by 3.0% over the same period.
By David Althoff, Eric Williams, Jacob Rapp, Howard Johnson, Chris Nobes, Dafydd Evans, Paul Teuten, Andreas Stoecklin
Housing activity was robust for most of 2018, but certain headwinds create uncertainty for the future.
By Mark Turner, Andrew Lowin
The UK will likely implement its own equivalent Prudential Regime for Investment Firms.
By Julian Korek, Chris Lombardy, Nick Inman
The 2019 Global Regulatory Outlook Survey explores trends in AML programs, whistleblowing, technology and more.
By Andreas Stoecklin, Philipp Bose, Dafydd Evans, Paul Teuten, Javier Zoido, Jacques Giard, David Althoff, Stephen Burt, David Lu, Margaret Mi, Atsuo Watanabe, Varun Gupta, Jochem Quaak
This is the first time the Index indicated a downswing since H1 2016.
By Varun Gupta, Abhishek Pandey, Umakanta Panigrahi, Aviral Jain, Santosh N
Duff & Phelps launched the sixth edition of our Industry Multiples India report for the quarter ended December 2018.
By Michael Weaver, Carine Tourneur, Javier Zoido, Enrico Rovere, Timo Willershausen, Daniel Kittlauss, Ingo Schneemann, Henk Oosterhout, Niall Cribben, Carla Nunes
In 2013, Duff & Phelps launched its inaugural study of goodwill impairments recognized by European companies.
By Jill Weise, Ted Keen, Douglas Fone
In this edition: The OECD unveiled the latest proposals to address the tax challenges of the digitalization of the economy; the IRS updated its tax statistics database with Statistic of Income data for tax year 2016;
By Patrick Wu, Ricky Lee, Joe Bing Sun Chow, Kevin Leung, Simon Tsang, Vincent Tsang, David Liu
In this edition of Valuation Insights, we look at regulatory changes, report releases and market trends from the first quarter of 2019.
By Robert Peters, Scott Regan
Traditionally, Delaware uses third-party, contingently paid, multistate auditors to conduct unclaimed property audits.
By Douglas Fone
The timelines and regulations are summarized below for reference.
By Joshua Benn, Howard Johnson, Farzad Mukhi
Mergers & Acquisitions deal activity in the Food and Beverage industry remains strong, with 276 deals closed in 2018.
By Mark Kwilosz, Stephen Burt, David Althoff, Howard Johnson, Matt Sachse, Andreas Stoecklin, Klaus Pflum, Paul Teuten, David Lu
The automotive industry slowed in the second half of 2018 as global sales, earnings and stock prices stalled due primarily to economic uncertainty and declining consumer confidence globally after a strong opening half to the year.
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