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By George Renouf
On 1 October 2015, Alliance Trust PLC announced a series of changes designed to enhance shareholder value.
By Linsey Congdon
The Brazilian economy is the seventh largest in the world and is currently experiencing a potent mix of political and economic problems.
By Katherine Garrett-Cox
The world's focus in August was undoubtedly drawn east to the market turbulence in China; this month the world's gaze is firmly back in the West.
By Alliance Trust Group
This weekend sees the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by the UN. They are important because they are a globally agreed set of seventeen goals for all humanity.
By Simon Clements, Peter Michaelis
Long-only global growth fund with an emphasis on capital growth and capital protection through the cycle.
By David Osfield
In today's context, subsidies continue to be used widely in order to encourage consumption of goods and services with positive benefits, particularly when part of that benefit accrues to society.
By Peter Michaelis
Despite all the historic evidence showing a rapid pace of change in technology and societies, when it comes to investment, the dominant thinking is that things will stay as they are forever.
By Linsey Congdon
Global inflation levels remain subdued. Here we look at inflation in some of the larger economies to assess the current situation and what may happen over the remainder of the year.
By Linsey Congdon
In this quarterly report we take a closer look at the recent move by the European Central Bank to engage in Quantitative Easing.
By Alliance Trust Group
Swiss voters refused to give up a 152-year-old tax break for rich foreigners in Geneva and other wealthy areas that the government says helps the economy.
By Alliance Trust Group
The Russian Finance Ministry has drafted a decree that will exclude Malta from the blacklist of offshore jurisdictions, according to the Russian news agency Tass.
By Alliance Trust Group
Malta's two largest retail banks have passed a Eurozone-wide stress test, a review by the European Central Bank shows.
By Alliance Trust Group
In April 2013, the Commission concluded that Malta was experiencing macroeconomic imbalances arising from the significant exposure of the financial sector to the property market and the risks for the long-term sustainability of public finances.
By Alliance Trust Group
In the last few years Malta has become an attractive jurisdiction for individuals and also multi-national organisations to set up their Holding Company.
By Alliance Trust Group
Enjoy this short video which gives a small preview about Malta’s financial industry.