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By Singh & Associates
This group focuses on strategies to improve prevention and management of shortages caused by disruptions in the supply chain.
By Singh & Associates
The States have been advised to assess their requirement of the drug and to place the orders with KAPL in time or in advance for bulk procurement.
By Singh & Associates
Thalassemia, and Sickle Cell diseases are two common genetic disorders that are chronic, life restricting and require long and specialized treatment.
By Pushkraj Deshpande
The word Panchanama is not used as such or defined particularly anywhere in any book of Law, but the same can be read into Section 100 under Chapter VII of The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, (Cr.P.C.).
By Manish Lakhawat
What is Interrogatory and Discovery by Interrogatories? Interrogatories are covered under Section 30 and Order XI Rule 1 to 11, 21 and 22 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908.
By Tanuka De
The parties to a contract must either perform or offer to perform, their respective promises, unless such performance is dispensed with or excused under the provisions of the Indian Contract Act, or of any other law.
By Rohit Singh Raghuwanshi
The word "damage" simply means a sum of money given as compensation for loss or harm of any kind.
By Kumar Deep
The ASM framework monitoring has come into force with effect from March 26, 2018.
By Kritika Angirish
Land required by MORTH for National Highway projects is acquired under the provisions contained in Section 3 of the National Highways Act 1956.
By Divya Harchandani
The Petitioner, a co-operative housing society had engaged Respondent No. 1 as a watchman.
By Rupesh Gupta
Subsequently, tender was floated by NHAI for the balance work and bids were invited in public domain.
By Vageesh Sharma
Though there is no prescribed limit for filing an appeal under this provision, but the Act is applicable to arbitrations as it applies to the proceedings in court.
By Prashant Daga
‘Seat' or ‘place of arbitration' or ‘locus of arbitration' is quintessential component of any International Commercial Arbitration.
By Mahip Singh Sikarwar
Alternate dispute resolution (ADR) has gained prominence in the country in recent times; arbitration being the forerunner amongst all such ADRs.
By Harsimran Singh
The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Procedure for Holding Inquiry and Imposing Penalties by Adjudicating Officer) Rules, 1995, were promulgated under the Securities and Exchange Board of India Act, 1992, ...
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