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Costa Rica
By Ronald Gutérrez Abarca
Following more than six months from the entry into force of the Labor Procedure Reform (LPR) we can state that its impact on the development of employment relationships has been noticeable.
By Jaime A. Solís Canjura
The Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice ruled in favor of the remedies of appeal on grounds of unconstitutionality by omission filed in 2015 and 2016, based on the lack of regulation...
By Yeris Nielsen Moreno
On February 14, 2018, Law 7, which prohibits sexual harassment, mobbing (bullying), racism and discriminatory practices in all environments, including workplace and academia, took effect.
By Amilcar Ramírez Maradiaga
After any given person has been working in a company for a certain period, it may be possible that such employment relationship comes to an end for different reasons, whether as a result of direct dismissal, ...
By BDS Asesores
Spot BDS Cloud (English Subtitles)
By Francisco Salas
After seven years of discussion, the Congress of Costa Rica has finally approved that country's Labor Procedure Reform.