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By Joel Benjamin, Muborak Kambarova
n order to increase the efficiency of activities to attract foreign direct investment in the economy of Uzbekistan, the Presidential Resolution No. PP-4300 was adopted.
By Svilen Issaev, Kristina Lyubenova
On 10 April 2019, a bill for amendment of Bulgaria's Recovery and Resolution of Credit Institutions and Investment Firms Act (the "Bill") was passed on first reading by the Parliament.
By Nina Tsifudina, Denitsa Kuzeva
April 2019 – On 2 April 2019, the rules for the implementation of Bulgaria's new Persons with Disabilities Act (the "Act") entered into force.
By Joel Benjamin, Muborak Kambarova
In accordance with the Presidential Resolution No. PP-3980, a Public-Private Partnership Agency has been created under the Ministry of Finance.
By Olena Kuchynska, Viktoriia Pysmenna
On 18 March 2019, Ukraine's State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources (the Derzhgeonadra) announced plans to hold the Third International Licensing Round of e-auctions
By Olena Kuchynska, Viktoriia Pysmenna
From 1 March 2019, Ukraine's gas transmission system operator, Ukrtransgaz, has implemented daily gas balancing measures on the natural gas market, which is a major step towards its reform.
By Gábor Gelencsér
April 2019 – The Hungarian Parliament passed the Act on Foundation Trusts on 5 March 2019. This legal concept has had a long and successful history in German-speaking countries.
By Dessislava Fessenko
Geo-blocking is no longer a laissez-faire matter in the European Union. From December 2018, a new set of rules apply that limits the use of geo-blocking by online businesses operating in the EU.
By Joel Benjamin, Muborak Kambarova
The tax reform came into force from 1 January 2019. There have been significant changes to the tax system in Uzbekistan.
By Adam Hodoň, Dáša Labašová
The transposition of the 4th AML Directive (EU Directive 2015/849) to Slovak legislation obliges Slovak companies and other legal persons, including non-profit organisations, to disclose their UBOs.
By Dessislava Fessenko
March 2019 – Bulgaria has introduced a set of specific requirements relating to the processing of personal data in addition to the requirements ...
By Svilen Issaev, Kristina Lyubenova
March 2019 – On 22 February 2019 and 26 February 2019 two bills were introduced in the Bulgarian parliament to amend the existing Bank Insolvency Act ("Bills").
By Dominika Bajzáthová, Lívia Miklenčičová
Recently approved amendments to the Slovak Labour Code and Employment Services Act impose new obligations on employers in Slovakia as of January 2019.
By Andriy Nikiforov
From 7 February 2019, the Law of Ukraine on Foreign Exchange and Exchange Transactions (the "FX Law") is in effect. Adopted by the Ukrainian parliament on 21 June 2018 ...
By Mykyta Nota, Daryna Ushchapivska
On 6 February 2018, the Ukrainian parliament adopted a law (the "Law") introducing and enhancing a number of instruments to make companies less susceptible to investigations ...
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