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By Dror Zamir, Rotem Weiss
Israel has established a "No Fault System" in road accidents compensation following the enactment of Israel Road Accident Victims Compensation Law 1975.
By Peggy Sharon
The Israeli non-life Insurance Market uses an additional document to the Insurance Policy issued to the Insured.
By Peggy Sharon
Is the Insured obliged to pay the deductible according to the Policy, even if the claim filed against him was declined?
By Peggy Sharon
Verifone requested the Court to strike out or stay the proceedings in Israel, in view of the pending litigation in the US Court.
By Karin Barel
A recent magistrate court decision in Muhamad Abu Dachal v Menora Insurance Co Ltd (CC 3737-04-14) rejected a claim filed after the limitation period prescribed by the Insurance Contract Law 1981.
By Evyatar Asaf
Under the Road Victims Compensation Law, a person injured or killed in a car accident is entitled to receive compensation only from an insurer, regardless of who was responsible for the accident (ie, the no-fault system).
By Moshe Abady
This judgement has a significant influence on the handling of the defence against a motion to certify a claim as a Class Action, as will be detailed below.
By Moshe Abady
Very rarely do Israeli Courts address the interpretation of D&O Liability Insurance policies. Almost all insurance claims against D&O insurers are settled out of Court.
By Moshe Abady
A recent Supreme Court judgement handed down on 6 May 2010 (C.M. 8761/09 Fatal v. Cellcom), may have a dramatic effect on Class Action suits filed in Israel and as a result, on liability policies such as a D&O liability policy, which provides coverage for such claims including also coverage for the legal expenses incurred in the defence against them.
By Sharon Shefer
Despite the recent economic difficulties – and perhaps because of these difficulties – the theme of the song "Diamonds are Forever" is as true today as it was in the past.
By Sharon Shefer
In a Supreme Court decision handed down on 15th September 2013 which serves as a precedent, judges ruled on one of the most repeated disputes which the lower Courts have dealt with in the past few years, ...
By Tammy Greenberg
During July - August 2013, the Israeli Commissioner of Insurance issued three new guidelines: