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By Roodt Inc
The first Supreme Court of Appeal decision on the oppression section of the new Companies Act of 2008.
By Roodt Inc
A company is a legal persona in its own right, separate from its shareholders and directors.
By Roodt Inc
There are many circumstances in which a person who disputes a debt nonetheless feels that he or she has no choice but to pay or to sign an undertaking to pay.
By Roodt Inc
The decision of the Western Cape High Court in Pretorius v PB Meat (Pty) Ltd [2013] ZAWCHC 89, in which judgment was delivered on 14 June 2013, is the first High Court decision on the interpretation of section 71 of the new Companies Act 71 of 2008.
By Roodt Inc
The general effective date on which the Companies Act 71 of 2008 came into force was 1 May 2011.
By Roodt Inc
The decision in Roestorf NO v Johns 2013 (2) SA 459 concerned a company that carried on business in the motorcycle industry and had since gone into liquidation.
By Roodt Inc
A company comes into existence as a legal entity with effect from the date recorded in what the old Companies Act of 1973 called the certificate of incorporation and what the new Companies Act of 2008 calls the company’s registration certificate.