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By Avik Biswas, Manishii Pathak, Savithran Ramesh
The Government of Karnataka issued a notification on May 25, 2019 to extend the exemption from the applicability of the Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 1946 for another period of 5 (five) years for certain industries.
By Suneeth Katarki, Avimukt Dar, Namita Viswanath, Nikhil Bhat, Savithran Ramesh
In March 2019, the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade formulated the Draft National e-Commerce Policy (the "Policy") and invited comments from various stakeholders.
By Ran Chakrabarti
We set out our thoughts on the Voluntary Retention Route below.
By Pallavi Kanakagiri, Khusnuma Nagwaswalla, Suvarna Swain
In early February, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs introduced the Companies (Significant Beneficial Owners) Amendment Rules, 2019 (the "New Rules").
By Manishii Pathak
The Supreme Court passed a judgment on February 28, 2019 which will have far-reaching consequences to the definition of basic wages under Section 2 (b) (ii) read with Section 6 of the Employees' Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952.
By Suneeth Katarki, Namita Viswanath, Aditi Verma Thakur, Ashi Bhat, Ivana Chatterjee
The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (the "MEITY") released the draft Information Technology Intermediaries Guidelines (Amendment) Rules, 2018 (the "Draft Rules") on December 24, 2018.
By Suneeth Katarki, Namita Viswanath, Nikita Hemmige
The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India released a consultation paper on the ‘Regulatory Framework for Over-The-Top Communication Services' on November 12, 2018 (the "Consultation Paper").
By Sudipta Routh, Pooja Dadoo
2018 proved to be a constitutional litmus test for the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016, with ten writ petitions and one special leave petition assailing the constitutional validity of the Code.
By Aditi Verma Thakur, Pooja Nair
The right of publicity extends beyond the traditional limits of false advertising laws.
By Sandeep Grover, Kshitij Parashar
Under the license agreement, these companies were supposed to sell certain seeds and pay a contractually-agreed trait value to Monsanto.
By Anupam Prasad, Saksham Madan
In 2015, SEBI framed the regulatory framework for ITP, a stock exchange platform for start ups in the technology sector, by introducing amendments to the SEBI (Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2018.
By Ran Chakrabarti, Kriti Gangwar
Towards the end of last year, the Reserve Bank of India in its Statement on Developmental and Regulatory Policies proposed to consolidate regulations governing all types of borrowing and lending transactions ...
By Avik Biswas, Sowmya Kumar, Saranya Arasu
These Guidelines apply to all establishments falling within the purview of the MB Act and engaging 50 or more employees.
By Akhoury Winnie Shekhar, Pavani Nath
On December 26, 2018, the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion under the Ministry of Commerce, through a press note, introduced certain changes to the conditions applicable to e-commerce entities...
By Sandeep Grover, Kshitij Parashar
Earlier this month, a five-judge bench of the Delhi High Court held that two causes of action, one for relief with respect to passing off, and another with respect to design infringement under the Designs Act, 2000, ...
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