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By Jason Wang
Two U.S. brands recently battled brand squatters in China with very different outcomes. Facebook won. Apple lost. Jason Wang and Amy Hsiao look behind these different results for strategic insights.
By Zhixing Chen
There is a popular saying in the online world in China: "The best way to read and understand the news is to read similar reports in tandem."
By Beijing East IP Law Firm
Article 11 of the Patent Law intends to extend protection of process patent to the product directly obtained by the patented process, so as to remedy weak protection on process patent due to difficulty in obtaining evidence.
By Dragon Wang
Article 27 applies, in adjudication of a patent dispute, a procedural remedy against obstruction of production of evidence in civil procedure.
By Lingyun Fu, Juan Lei
With reference to new protein inventions, applicants always define biological sequences by the combination of homology and function, so as to obtain a broader scope of protection.
By Yang SUN, Junru Yuan
Repetitive litigation, as a legal concept, relates to the principle of double jeopardy (non bis in idem).
By Beijing East IP Law Firm
Article 11 of the Chinese Patent Law (2001) generally provides to what extent a patent can be protected under the Chinese law and, on the other hand, what actions are determined to infringe a patent right.
By Jason Wang, Yan Zhang
Many press media use "Freddie Mac" as acronym for "Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation," and Chinese media reports frequently refer to it as "FANG DI MEI in Chinese (Freddie Mac)."
By Jason Wang, Yan Zhang
The evidence fails to prove QIAO DAN in Chinese has certainly referred to MICHAEL JORDAN and MAI KE•QIAO DAN in Chinese.
By Jason Wang, Yan Zhang
A common question regarding English commercial signs, such as trademarks, personal names, or trade names, is how to protect their Chinese equivalent.
By Bing Wu
The patentee who wants to enforce his patent in China should pay attention to the principle of allocating the burden of proof...
By Xiaolin Wang, Jian Li
Article 59 of the Patent Law of the People's Republic of China provides that: The protection scope of a patent right for invention or utility model shall be determined by the terms of the claims.
By Jason Wang, Fei Fei Bian
In the recent practice, the famous carmaker Tesla Motors, Inc. filed two civil lawsuits in China in September 2013 before Beijing Third Intermediate Court, against ZHAN Bao Sheng.
By Jun Liu
The extent of protection for an invention patent includes not only the extent determined by the technical features literally recited in the claims, but also the extent determined by the equivalent technical features.
By Shaojun Bai
One key step in patent trials is to determine if an accused infringing party's product (or method, and so on) falls within one or more of the claims of the granted patent.