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By Jon Broadley
ASIC's report covers regulation of fundraising transactions, mergers & acquisitions, corporate governance and experts.
By Lachlan Amerena
Article notes that for breach of a building contract, damages may become recoverable by the party not in breach.
By Lachlan Amerena
Whether a residential building contract can be terminated for delay is a matter of fact & degree. Seek legal advice if concerned.
By Lachlan Amerena
In this case, the owners were entitled to terminate the contract for a failure to progress the works with due diligence.
By Lachlan Amerena, Michael Byrom
Article discusses when a building contract may be terminated.
By Angela O''Neill
These amendments should improve protections for consumers sold defective cars, motorbikes, caravans and motorhomes.
By Andrew Davies-Evans
It was recently announced that combustible cladding is to be banned on all new Queensland buildings going forward.
By Lachlan Amerena
This is the first in a series addressing the practical considerations of terminating a residential building contract.
By Amber Harrington
Australia's new whistleblower laws commenced on 1 July 2019, together with significant civil and criminal penalties.
By Jamie Robinson
The article details a number of employment related monetary thresholds indexed annually to change effective from 1 July.
By Stuart Rees
Article provides facts regarding changes to taxation laws that affect charities.
By Adam Raleigh
Recent case highlights the importance of testing formulas to ensure that drafting complies with intended agreed arrangements.
By Michael Byrom
This improved framework for resolving sublease disputes will be a welcome addition for both lessees and sub-lessee's.
By Robert Lyons
Local councils are allowed to make assessable the clearing of vegetation on prescribed land but only to a limited extent.
By Michael Byrom
Currently, Queensland does not have any specific legislation dealing with recording devices in a body corporate meeting.
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