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By Licks Attorneys
The guidelines aim at streamlining and providing more transparency to the recordal proceedings.
By Licks Attorneys
According to article 2, ¶1 of Normative Instruction #74/2017, the applicant will have the entire responsibility for guarding the confidential information and for its transformation in hash summary.
By Licks Attorneys
The consolidation of the seizure is the final step of the procedure.
By Licks Attorneys
Rule #168/2017 establishes shorter deadlines for replying to the preliminary opinion and for appealing the denial decision, both issued by the ANVISA.
By Licks Attorneys
The BRPTO's notice invites public comments on the proposal aiming at reducing the backlog via simplified allowance procedures for pending patent applications
By Licks Attorneys
Once again, the Ministry of Health (MoH) changes the market share of PDPs involving monoclonal antibodies and etanercept.
By Licks Attorneys
The list of proposals shows a substantial participation of both Brazilian-based and big pharma companies.
By Licks Attorneys
Since 2003, the telecom industry in Brazil has been following the lawsuit filed by Ericsson challenging the validity of a Brazilian patent owned by a local non-practicing entity, ...
By Licks Attorneys
On May 13, the Second Section of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) set an important precedent regarding the liability of internet service providers when deciding Special Appeal # 1,512,647.
By Licks Attorneys
There are currently thirty-two (32) bills pending before the House of Representatives and nine (9) before the Senate that seek to amend the Brazilian Patent Statute (Law # 9,279, of May 14th, 1996).
By Licks Attorneys
Bill (PL) 200/2015 was proposed by the senate on April 07, 2015 and has raised an intense debate within the Brazilian Scientific Community.
By Otto Licks
The Brazilian Patent Office (BRPTO) is probably the Office with the most delay in terms of patent applications worldwide.
By Dirceu Rosa, Douglas Leite
This groundbreaking decision concerned the first high impact case after enactment of the Federal Law # 12,965/14 (better known as Internet Bill of Rights).
By Carlos Aboim
There are currently 30+ bills pending before the Brazilian Congress that were drafted for the purpose of amending the Brazilian Patent Statute.
By Ana Montenegro, Isabella Bonisolo
In order to launch a new pharmaceutical product in the Brazilian market, companies must apply for registration of the "medicine name".