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1322. Cadde, No: 62/3 A.
By Övgüm Bozdoğan
My choice to gain work experience at Bicak Law firm was a voluntary and completely spontaneous decision.
By Bicak Law Firm Esq
Dilution by blurring occurs if an identical or similar sign to a registered trademark with reputation with a strong message to public is used on similar or non-similar goods.
By Bicak Law Firm Esq
The board of directors is all responsible for the internal management of a company, and it also represents the company with regard to third parties.
By Bicak Law Firm Esq
Foreign entities may establish a non-trading, unincorporated liaison offices which have a special status in Turkey.
By Bicak Law Firm Esq
Turkish Commercial Law No: 6762 has been amended on January 2011. The New Turkish Commercial Law No: 6102 will come into force on 01 July 2012.
By Bicak Law Firm Esq
In May 2012, Turkish Parliament passed a new law that enables foreigners to buy up to 300 acres of property which had previously been limited to 25 acres.
By Leila Goodarzi
As it is not my first time I Turkey nor in a large Turkish city, I knew what to expect from the way of life here as a whole.