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KT15 2LE
By Christine Breitler
Many Turkish individuals and corporations have substantial banking assets abroad, particularly in Switzerland.
By Maria Muzarowska
When a payment is made or received in a cryptocurrency it is treated like a payment in any other currency, for income tax purposes.
By Maria Muzarowska
Malta is a country located in a strategic position in the middle of the Mediterranean. Due to its location Malta has been a major centre for maritime operations for generations.
By Robert Homem
In February 2019 the Cyprus Council of Ministers approved revisions to the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme.
By Laurence Binge
As anti-avoidance legislation aimed at trusts, is increasing, people are looking for alternatives to protect a family's fortune.
By Peter Robertson
The Dixcart Group has over forty-five years' experience in assisting clients to run and manage Family Offices.
By   Dixcart
Please note that as a general principle EEA citizens are free to move to other EEA countries. Switzerland is in the Schengen Area and as such EEA citizens can move there and vice versa.
By Graham Sutcliffe
St Kitts & Nevis offers an attractive tax regime; there is no personal or corporate tax on foreign source income and assets.
By Bruce Watterson
The first presentation was from John Barnett on the future of trusts and the advantages that they offer.
By Maria Muzarowska
This presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors.
By Christine Breitler
Many foreigners move to Switzerland for its high life quality, outdoor lifestyle, excellent working conditions and business opportunities.
By Carlos Santos
Recent interest from the international financial and investment community in Portuguese real estate has motivated the Portuguese Government to introduce a new investment vehicle, exclusively dedicated to real estate investment.
By Peter Robertson
On 7 March 2019, the Home Secretary laid Statement of Changes to the UK Immigration Rules before Parliament, with many changes applying from 29 March 2019.
By Jonathan Vassallo
The Malta Commissioner for Revenue has just published the guidelines that are to be used to determine the place of supply for the hiring of pleasure boats.
By Vincent Chung
UK laws generally change at a fast pace and this is particularly the case when it comes to immigration.