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By Jennifer Haworth
MJM attorneys have been actively studying the Act and providing bribery related training to clients and members of our staff.
By Andrew Martin
In a recent Supreme Court decision the Chief Justice has made an important ruling with potentially wide implications.
By Jordan Knight
Recently in the news there have been increasing reports of rescue efforts and road accidents where members of the public have been praised for assisting the victims until emergency services personnel arrived.
By Fozeia Rana-Fahy
The trust deeds did not confer any express retention or contractual indemnity rights on the former trustee.
By Jane Collis
Recently tabled in the House of Assembly, the Proceeds of Crime Amendment (No.3) Act 2017 ("PCA3") will have the effect of extending regulatory reach to lay trustees.
By Fozeia Rana-Fahy
The present proceedings concern the internal administration of a private trust into which the general public have no right to pry.
By Agathe Holowatinc
A new Progressive Labour Party Government signalled its intention to build "a better and fairer Bermuda" by "ensuring social mobility and removing social inequality" through economic growth when its legislative agenda ...
By Denis de Frias
The Land Title Registration Amendment Bill (the "Amendment Bill") was passed in the Bermuda House of Assembly on Friday, 24 November 2017.
By Jennifer Haworth
The security for costs was not posted and the appeal was dismissed.
By Fozeia Rana-Fahy
In the Matter of the C Trust [2016] SC [Bda] 53 Civ was the first Bermuda case to extend the perpetuity period under the new Section 4 of the Bermuda Perpetuities and Accumulations Act 2009.
By Agathe Holowatinc
The Bermuda Government renewed its commitment to economic progress and recovery in its 2016 Speech from the Throne in which plans for the forthcoming parliamentary year 2016-2017 are rolled out.
By Jennifer Haworth
We have previously written a post about the Supreme Court's decision in Bermuda Press (Holdings) v Registrar of the Supreme Court in which the Chief Justice considered the public's right of access...
By Jennifer Haworth
In October 2016, the Department of Statistics released its "Facts & Figures 2016" which sets out in summary form some of the key indicators of Bermuda's economic and trends.
By Jeremy Leese
It is hard to be definitive on the possible effect of Mr. Trump's policies on Bermuda, and the offshore world generally...
By Andrew Martin
In an important decision in November 2016, the Insurance Appeals Tribunal (the "IAT") published in the press the text of its decision in relation to the jurisdiction to award costs in an appeal...