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By Vsevolod Markov
The procedure is very formalistic and a potential provider has to strictly follow it, failing which it may be disqualified.
By Vsevolod Markov, Anara Urakova
If your counterparty is a Kazakhstani company, the choice of governing law would be one of the major questions in an agreement being entered into with such counterparty.
By Vsevolod Markov
This means that even if you entered into an agreement containing such a provision, the court would declare it invalid.
By Yuliya Petrenko
To date, a significant number of foreign specialists are annually engaged by Kazakhstan employers to work in Kazakhstan.
By Vsevolod Markov, Yuliya Petrenko
The choice of an organizational legal form depends on what types of activities foreign investors intend to carry out in Kazakhstan.
By BMF Partners Law Firm LLP
Only constant and practical enhancement of the legislation and its rigorous observance will thwart raiding.
By BMF Partners Law Firm LLP
When you retain a law firm or a lawyer, you often cannot control the budget for legal services.
By BMF Partners Law Firm LLP
One of the main objectives of a biy elected by an aul was reconciliation of conflicting parties.