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By Masaru Nakajima
The JPO has announced that it will allow patenting of food/drink inventions characterized by their novel use applications (use-limited food/drink invention) based on its newly-revised Examination Guidelines...
By Masaru Nakajima
By Miyako Saito, Manabu Hirata
One year has passed since the post-grant opposition system was reinstated on April 1, 2015, after a 12-year hiatus since 2003.
By Masaru Nakajima
The Unfair Competition Prevention Law (the "UCPL") was established in Japan in 1934, in acceding to the Paris Convention.
By Naohisa Akashi, Manabu Hirata
Article 35 of the Patent Law, which prescribes the employee invention system, was amended by the 2015 revision in order to reduce potential litigation risk, which may otherwise increase as technical innovations made by businesses become more highly developed and complicated.
By Masaru Nakajima
The Intellectual Property High Court handed down a decision on January 20, 2017, in the 11th Grand Panel case in total, i.e., Appeal Case No. 2016 (ne) 10046, in which injunction against patent infringement was sought.