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By Penkov, Markov & Partners
В 21 век новият и най-скъп актив се очертава да бъдат данните. Дигитализацията на бизне
By Asen Apostolov
На 09.08.2017 г. на свое заседание Министерски съвет на Република България одобри проект на l
By Penkov, Markov & Partners
Due to its creation in September 2016 the Governing Council of the Bulgarian National Bank adopted Ordinance No. 12 on the Register of Bank Accounts and Safe Deposit Boxes.
By Yura Mincheva
Taxable Income Of Natural Persons From Foreign Financial Transactions.
By Emil Lukaev
In a recent interview for Bloomberg TV our colleague Emil Lukaev discussed over the topic regarding the lawfulness of the tax optimization which the business uses through the jurisdictions....
By Lora Georgieva
След по-малко от една година, на 25 май 2018 г., официално започва да действа влезлият в сила
By Nikolay Cvetanov
In his capacity as Chairman of the Association of the Responsible Non-Banking Crediting our colleague commented on the topic regarding the inspections of the CPC and the penalized....
By Yordan Politov
It is of utmost importance to provide legal means by which the unitary rights already acquired within the EU will continue to have effect for the UK territory after BREXIT.
By Svetoslav Dimitrov
The proposals include measures that should lead to greater energy efficiency and bigger number of market relations in the energy sector.
By Penkov, Markov & Partners
From its very outset, when the company was established in 1990, immediately after the democratic shift in Bulgaria, the qualifications and long-standing experience of the founding partners...
By Penkov, Markov & Partners
Justice that is impervious to any political, economic or administrative influence and raises no suspicions of corruption.