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By Brian Sunohara
In Cheeseman et al v. Credit Valley Hospital et al, 2019 ONSC 4996, the court examined four issues in relation to a jury trial.
By Brian Sunohara
Expert witnesses, especially those with little experience testifying in court, do not always appreciate their duties.
By Stephen G. Ross, Brian Sunohara, Meryl Rodrigues
A decision released by the Ontario Court of Appeal provides some helpful guidance on the use of surveillance at trial.
By Brian Sunohara
A thorough understanding of hearsay is important for all litigators.
By Brian Sunohara
Strict compliance with an insurance policy is not necessarily required for an insured to recover under the policy.
By Brian Sunohara
At the same time, lawyers are not required to present a disinterested account of the law.
By Kevin Adams
In Stegenga v. Economical Mutual Insurance Company, the plaintiff brought a court action seeking damages related to the administration of her accident benefits claim based on alleged bad faith, negligence and fraud ...
By Brian Sunohara
Condominium corporations have a duty to maintain and repair the common elements.
By Brian Sunohara
Courts can bar recovery in tort based on a plaintiff's immoral or illegal conduct only in very limited circumstances.
By Brian Sunohara
The cumulative effect of these transgressions rendered an appropriate correcting instruction impossible.
By Brian Sunohara
A recent court decision shows that occupiers cannot turn a blind eye when relying on a contractor.
By Tom Macmillan
There are few news stories that arouse the imaginations of the Ontario electorate as insurance reform.
By Anita M. Varjacic, Colleen Mackeigan
If you expect any issues from opposing counsel, you should share the proposed qualifications in advance.
By Jocelyn-Rose Brogan
In May 2019, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice released its decision in Ali v. Smart REIT, 2019 ONSC 2824, granting the defendants' request for summary judgment against the plaintiff who tripped on a curb leading to the entrance of a shopping plaza.
By Meryl Rodrigues
Over five years after its release, it seems almost trite to say that the Supreme Court's decision in Hryniak v. Mauldin was intended to facilitate efficiencies and cost-effectiveness in the adjudication of civil matters ...