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By Logan M. Breed, Olga Fleysh, Andrew J. Lee, Joseph (Joe) Raffetto, Nicholas Rotz
In a decision following a 10-day bench trial, Judge Lucy H. Koh ruled on May 21, 2019 in favor of plaintiff U.S. Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") that defendant Qualcomm
By Chalid Heyder, Teguh Darmawan, Khushaal Ved
Corporate criminal liability is not a new concept in Indonesia. More in theory than in practice, it has been a concept in the Indonesian legal system since the 1950s.
By Kathryn (Katie) Hellings, Daniel E. Shulak, Susan Musser
The new deal: Deferred prosecution agreements The Division's DPA with Heritage demonstrates that the Division is employing new tools to resolve cases against companies accused of cartel conduct.
By Robert F. Church, Jane Kalinina
This morning, FDA announced it launched its new expanded access pilot called "Project Facilitate," a concierge call center under the Oncology Center of Excellence (OCE)
By Stefan Martin, Ed Bowyer
The difficulties in succeeding in a direct disability discrimination claim are illustrated by the Court of Appeal decision in Owen v Amec Foster Wheeler Energy Ltd.
By Stefan Martin, Ed Bowyer
In a decision that will have a potentially significant impact in many European jurisdictions, the CJEU has found that Member States must ensure that employers keep records
By Stefan Martin, Ed Bowyer
When shared parental leave was introduced in 2015, a key issue for some employers was whether paying enhanced maternity pay but only statutory shared parental pay put them at risk
By Gary Jay Kushner, Brian D. Eyink, Mary Lancaster
Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report
By Marta Vizcaíno Martín
It's not a secret that world's economy is transitioning towards a data driven one. Although the legal sector is famous for its traditionalism and resistance to change,
By Sheree R. Kanner, Ken Choe, Elizabeth (Beth) Halpern, Stuart M. Langbein, James Huang, Victoria M. Wallace, Maria Malas
On 3 June 2019 the U.S. Supreme Court held in Azar v. Allina Health Services that Medicare interpretive guidance must go through notice-and-comment if it establishes or changes a substantive
By Deborah K. Staudinger, Scott R. Lilienthal
Prior to the issuance of the final regulations described below, under Section 956 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and its related Treasury Regulations, for U.S. tax purposes,
By Mandi Krebs
In recent weeks, several leading pharmaceutical companies have been accused of conspiring to inflate the pricing of their products, some of which are used in the treatment of illnesses such as high cholesterol and HIV.
By Virginia Montgomery, Emily Reid
The FCA has published final rules and a further consultation on a range of measures transforming the overdraft market The changes in the final rules cover pricing intervention and repeat overdraft use
By Alexander McMyn, Louise Leung, Owen Chan, Richard Hayes, Soumitro Mukerji
Asia has historically been a bank-financed market. Debt structures have typically been straightforward and banks have traditionally been able to service the needs of corporates for both event-driven
By Julia Matheson, Sam Dietle, Brendan C. Quinn
Brand owners seeking to register cannabis-related trademarks take note: the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recently issued guidance regarding the effects of the 2018 Farm Bill
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