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Most Reader Response
By Sarah Bell
With increasing litigation and costs for document review, more companies are considering bringing eDiscovery in-house.
We were able to effectively manage the review project despite an uncertain number of documents within a tight timeframe,
By Brittany Willis
This article outlines the procedure for preparing Appeal Books for general matters in the Federal Court.
Article explains how a customised review allows documents to be reviewed both diligently and efficiently.
Role of CC & the increasing importance of information governance in being prepared for when litigation or investigation arises.
By Sarah Bell
Article features key tips for ensuring Royal Commission readiness:
Article discusses reduplication and advises that it must be planned thoroughly to avoid unintended consequences.
By Law In Order
A Managed Document Review team could assist to accurately review the documents in time for the disclosure deadline.
By Henning Ehlers
Redacting, blackening or masking is the process of removing information from documents to be provided to a third party.
By Elizabeth Miller
eHearings can reduce costs, increase efficiency and give everyone more time to focus on the content of the case.
By Philip Simmonds
The Family Court of Australia is progressing toward the exclusive use of electronic Family Court Appeal Books.
The expert review team could process the data in time and ensure there was no unnecessary delay in the transition period.
By David Kerstjens
This article includes potential avenues of investigation that relate to data and evidence obtained from a mobile device.
By Mei Yong
Investigations are quite complex, so this article explores modern investigations and how forensic expertise may help.
By Brittany Willis
Good Court Book preparation is essential to the work of counsel, but they may be done incorrectly or be missing entirely.